(Minghui.org) During my years of working for Minghui I've removed fundamental attachments and cultivated perseverance.

I began practicing Falun Dafa in 2001, and I started proofreading for the Minghui website a few years later. Over the years I was given additional tasks, such as coordination and editing, editorial tasks, writing articles, quality control and photographing for articles.

Putting the Needs of Minghui Before My Selfish Interests

When I began proofreading I was hindered by my attachment to working at my own pace. The attachment surfaced when the coordinator asked to talk to me. A long article that was assigned to me had not been edited. He kindly asked about the status of the edit and said that the article was needed. I explained the reason for the delay.

Sometimes I became annoyed, as it put me under pressure and I wanted to get rid of the stress. I had to work on articles every day. I did not want to sit in front of the computer day after day. My annoyance at the pressure was driven by the thought that I wanted to decide when and for how long I wanted to sit in front of the computer. I wanted to set the pace and decide how much effort I put into the task.

I did not understand how much egoism was in that thought of self-determination. I insisted that my daily life (job, family and household), as well as my own needs should be the decisive factor that dictated my time. I would decide how much time I would allocate to working on Minghui.

Greater Responsibility Prompts Changes

The situation was enlarged when I was assigned more responsibilities and coordination tasks. I worked on Minghui even when I traveled. I am involved in helping with Shen Yun; I'm also busy at work, have visitors during Christmas, and so on. Being given the new tasks helped me identify and eliminate several attachments.

The insight into the entire work flow helped me cleanse myself. I could see where additional manpower was needed as we were shorthanded. I noticed how many hours some practitioners worked so that Minghui could fulfill its mission. Minghui is instrumental in reflecting the state of Fa rectification, exposing the persecution, and guiding practitioners’ cultivation.

I also realized how everything I did or did not do impacted the website and fellow practitioners, let alone how it affected other dimensions.

Being responsible for the coordination of the translation and proofreading team, I could see that if I did not accomplish the task well, a gap was created, which was noticeable on the website. On the other hand, another practitioner had to fulfill my task. This was an extra burden or even overburdened this practitioner which affected her ability to complete her task well.

In the past, I did not realize that when I went on a two week vacation with my family, it meant that I did not work on my tasks at Minghui, and a gap was created.

This realization helped me gain a new insight – we each filled a place at Minghui when we assumed that position in the project.

This realization has helped me to let go of my egoistical need for being my own boss. Recognizing Minghui's needs was an important step in the right direction toward my cultivating selflessness.

Master said, “From now on, whatever you do, you should consider others first, so as to attain the righteous Enlightenment of selflessness and altruism.” (“Non-Omission in Buddha nature,” Essentials for Further Advancement)

Since then, I have my laptop on hand at all times wherever I go, no matter if I’m traveling with practitioners or with my husband, who is not a practitioner.

Steadfastness Tested

Over the years situations arose that tested my steadfastness. It's not enough to recognize the issue, we have to put our understandings into practice or it's not cultivation. For example, for years I went camping with my family. There were times when we lacked electricity or a Wi-Fi connection, so I spent some time in a shed, far from the camp site to have a power outlet for my laptop.

In order to send the article I had to get on my bicycle and find a cafe that offered a Wi-Fi connection. Or, I sat in some drafty half-open space for campers, wrapped in warm clothing, typing away on my laptop, while the others slept. My husband complained and asked why I couldn't put aside the articles while on vacation. He said, “Isn't there anyone else who can work on your assignments?” At Christmas there were always many chores to ready the house for our guests. I always fulfilled my Minghui tasks before I began my preparations for the holiday.

It wasn't always easy. However, I considered these situations a test for my steadfastness. It's hard to make an ordinary person understand that our Minghui tasks cannot be treated like a holiday from work. It does not mean that I consider myself to be irreplaceable. I was just fortunate to see how everything I do has an effect.

The process of becoming altruistic and selfless takes place layer by layer. Again and again I've come across layers, where I have to cultivate from one layer to the next. Even now, after years of being involved with Minghui, I find egoistical thoughts that try to push me into a different direction. They appear when the coordinator assigns additional tasks. At these times, I need additional “cultivation time.” I know that the different thoughts that want to stop me from accepting the assignment are based on egotism. The old forces' starting point is egotism.

At those times my thoughts are not in accordance with the Fa. I know that whenever they are not aligned with the Fa they are an arrangement by the old forces.

Fa Study and Cooperation

Master said,

“The truth is, anything that is not consistent with Dafa or the righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples results from the old forces’ involvement, and that includes all of the unrighteous elements that you have.” (“On the Respsonses to the Piece About Assistant Souls”)

The only way to break through this arrangement is to study the Fa diligently, continuously measure our thoughts against the Fa and correct anything unrighteous with righteous thoughts, including everything that is not within the Fa or does not conform to the Fa.

One time, Master allowed me to experience the direct positive effect from studying the Fa and cooperation.

I had many complaining thoughts concerning a practitioner who dropped out of the Minghui newsletter team and began handling coordination for Shen Yun.

Two of our smaller teams could no longer handle the work for the newsletter, so it was terminated. Apparently there was a meeting where the main coordinators discussed the importance of having a Minghui newsletter, and that it needed to be re-launched.

I was reluctant to join the team again. After two years, I still criticized that practitioner responsible for the developments.

I started studying Zhuan Falun for about 30-45 minutes. My Fa study did not provide any direct insights into my problem. However, after I finished reading and thought about the newsletter and that practitioner, my thoughts had turned around. I could think calmly without feeling any anger towards that practitioner. My complaints were dissolved. This was a special experience.

Master said,

“The Fa can break all attachments, the Fa can destroy all evil, the Fa can shatter all lies, and the Fa can strengthen righteous thoughts.” (“Drive Out Interference,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

This was a unique experience for me. The heaviness in my heart, my agitation and anger, and my complaints were gone. In less than an hour there was such a huge difference. Experiencing the positive harmonizing power of Zhuan Falun was magical. I thank Master from the bottom of my heart for this experience. After this experience I was ready to cooperate and work on the weekly newsletter.

What Happens When We Truly Cooperate

I think that the daily Fa study which was established by Minghui practitioners last year is helpful for Minghui team members to strengthen their righteous thoughts. Even if we don’t participate, the knowledge of this Fa study group influences us positively – perhaps due to the cultivation energy it sends out. All of us at Minghui are connected. It has a positive effect on everyone in the team.

One Minghui member does not participate in the Fa study. But knowing that others are studying the Fa helps her to get up and do the exercises. What would happen if more of us participated?

Editing and Being Edited

What helped me greatly regarding having my work edited is the knowledge that we always have to keep the reader in mind. Everyone who works on an article contributes to it's success. Even if a translation has been completely rewritten, the proofreader could not have done it without the translation.

Again and again I see the inspiring introspection that is put on the home page since the redesign of the website. Even if the introduction is reworded, even if they are completely reworded, they often have an inspiring effect. At least this is what happens when the practitioner made an effort.

Staying Humble

I've learned to be modest and humble. I used to think that I was a good speller, that I could do everything better, I had a feel for the language, and so on. I corrected articles and gave feedback. I now understand the limitation of my knowledge.

Minghui Must Assist Master in Saving Sentient Beings.

In my understanding, everything we do at Minghui is assisting Master in saving sentient beings. My work at Minghui allows me to assist Master in the saving of sentient beings. Even, given job and family, if I find time only late in the evening, or during my lunch break, or early in the morning, I can still fulfill my mission every day. Which other project allows you to do that? Some practitioners participate at an information booth on weekends or write to politicians. But, I can fulfill my mission every day.

Minghui has three groups of readers: 1. Ordinary people such as politicians, human rights organizations, journalists and interested parties. 2. Practitioners. 3. The CCP.

Every good article saves sentient beings. When a politician begins to understand the extent of the persecution through our analysis, documentation, or stories of persecution, he is on his way to be saved. When news of our events helps the reader understand us, it bring him a little closer to Falun Dafa.

Every good experience sharing article helps a group of practitioners elevate. Doesn’t elevation brings this person closer to his sentient beings and their salvation? Doesn’t every good experience-sharing article save sentient beings?

It is our responsibility to publish an article in a way that serves its purpose. Lack of understanding of the Fa principles, incomprehensible passages, artificial deep formulations, fractures, spelling mistakes that annoy the reader, can make him stumble or stop reading.

I think, as we become more aware of the importance of our Minghui project, and our cultivation, our professional competence will rise.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners.

(Presented at Minghui's 20th Anniversary Fa Conference-selected and edited)