(Minghui.org) I was riding an electric bicycle on the morning of January 20, 2019, when I was hit by a car and hurt my back.

The driver asked if I was alright. Although I was in pain and could not walk, I said to him, “I am fine. I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. I'm protected by my Master Mr. Li Hongzhi. I won't ask for any money from you – I just need you to take me home.”

The driver wanted to call my son; I asked him not to.

“You don't want to call my son. They will not let you off the hook when they know I got hit.”

I told him the facts about Falun Dafa and helped him quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The driver thanked me, but I told him that my Master is the one he should thank.

The driver found a person to ride my bike home. I clarified the truth to that person and also helped him quit the CCP. The driver offered me 1000 yuan to repair my bike. After I refused to take the money, he stuck 500 yuan into my pocket and left. I donated the money to the local material production site on the very next day.

A Miraculous Recovery in the Past

My grandchildren, both college students, wanted me to get an examination at the hospital to ensure that my injury will not cause any long term disability. My daughter-in-law's father, who is a doctor, also suggested that I get a full examination. My son blamed the driver for not sending me to the hospital.

I thanked them for caring so much about me. I also shared a story with them. I told them that I had another car accident a few years ago. I was badly hit and had broken my shoulder blade, as well as bones in my chest and upper back. The broken rib in my chest pressed against my left lung and caused unbearable pain whenever I breathed. Even though the condition was so serious, I just studied the Fa and did the exercises at home. Seven days later, I was completely fine and could even drive by myself.

When my daughter-in-law's colleagues came to see me, they were all surprised by the miracle of Dafa.

“If I had gone to the hospital, could I have recovered so fast?” I asked, “I'd probably still be in stitches.”

I added, “If I go to the hospital this time, the doctors will use those imported medical instruments and do some unnecessary examinations on me. I may end up with a surgery, injection, liquid infusion, and a hospital stay with bed care. If the surgery does not go well, I may become paralyzed. In addition, it will cost tens of thousands of yuan.”

I continued, “With the Chinese New Year coming up, neither the driver's family nor our family will have a good holiday if I go to the hospital. I am a Dafa practitioner and should consider other people first. I do not want to cause trouble for you and put a burden on the driver. Master and Dafa will take care of me. I will be fine.”

The Healing Power of Dafa

After the driver sent me home, I started to discharge bloody water almost once every two hours. This situation lasted for about seven or eight days. After the eighth day, I started to have bowel movements and discharged a mixture of pus, blood, and mucus.

My injury was bad. The muscles and ligaments on both sides of my hips hurt badly. The lumbar vertebrae were either broken or misplaced. I felt knife-cutting pain whenever I moved .

I sent forth strong righteous thoughts as follows: “I totally negate any arrangement of old forces. Even if I have shortcomings in cultivation, Master will watch over me and Dafa will rectify me. You old forces are not worthy of any arrangement in my cultivation.”

I started to study the Fa, practice the exercises, and listen to Master's Fa teaching recordings on the second day. Starting from the fourth day, I read the book Zhuan Falun once every two days and did all five exercises every day.

During the exercises, I experienced a twinge and almost passed out. I grimaced and silently recited “Falun Dafa is good' and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” nonstop. I also memorized “Tempering the Will” in Hong Yin and “Nothing is truly unbearable or impossible.” (The Ninth Talk, Zhuan Falun)

I felt relaxed after repeating the words. I knew that Master was bearing the pain for me.

A fellow practitioner came to see me on the eve of lunar Chinese New Year – February 4. She suggested that I do the exercises twice a day. I thought in my heart that it was already very painful to just practice one time. It would be unimaginably painful to do the exercises twice.

While studying the Fa on the New Year's day, I suddenly realized that Master had used the mouth of this fellow practitioner to remind me that doing the exercises is the best way to change my body. Enduring suffering can help me remove karma.

Starting from February 6, I practiced the exercises twice a day. Since then, my health improved substantially every day. I no longer needed to use a stick or lean against the wall for support when I walked. I could walk normally now.

By February 10, I could climb the stairs to the fifth floor to attend a Fa study group. Dafa is just miraculous. It indeed has mighty healing power.

During this recovery period, fellow practitioners sent righteous thoughts for me. They studied the Fa and shared their understandings of the Fa with me. Their help strengthened my righteous thoughts and helped me pass the test successfully.

Clarifying the Truth

Many relatives and friends came to visit me for the lunar New Year. I told them the facts about Falun Dafa and let them know that Dafa is good.

Four practitioners came to my house to send righteous thoughts for me on February 1. Two police officers suddenly showed up and knocked at my door. After letting them enter another door, I told them about the story of my traffic accident. They were shocked by my compassion to the driver and expressed their admiration towards Dafa disciples.

“If we had known about your accident, we would have brought you a gift.” they said.

“Thank you very much. I hope you can share your thoughts with your supervisors so that they know Dafa practitioners are good people and don't persecute us in the future.”

The officers left with smiles on their faces.

A few days later, I told the police chief about my traffic accident. He said, “Nowadays, people deliberately crash into the someone's car to swindle money from the car owner. That driver was very lucky to meet a nice person like you.”

I took this opportunity to further clarify the facts to him and ask him to treat Dafa practitioners kindly.

“I know that you are doing this for my sake. Thank you.”

He shook hands with me and then left.