(Minghui.org) I was fortunate to start practicing Falun Dafa in September 2008. During more than 10 years of cultivation, I have experienced many miraculous things and would like to share a few.

Rain Stops, Motorcycle Appears

I went to a rural area to hand out truth-clarification information with two other practitioners. On our way, it suddenly began to pour. We didn't have an umbrella, nor were we able to find shelter. When the two others asked me what to do, I told them that, since we were helping to save people, we should ask for Master Li's help to stop the rain.

They didn't believe me at first but smiled and wanted to know if I was serious. I asked them to calm down and send forth righteous thoughts with me while asking for Master's help to stop the rain. Sure enough, in a few minutes, the rain stopped. They were very surprised!

One night, I rode my motorcycle to a large residential area to distribute copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. After I finished, I headed back to where I'd parked my bike. I thought I could get there in about 10 minutes, but I didn't find it after searching for almost an hour.

I then realized that I hadn't asked Master for help. So I stood by the curb and said to myself: “Master, your disciple can't find her motorbike. Please show her which was to go.” Then I just kept walking. Sure enough, something jumped out in my field of view. I looked more closely and saw my motorcycle!

Two Dogs Help Me Deliver Truth-Clarification Materials

Ms. Liu and I distributed truth-clarification materials in a residential district of an urban area. When we got to the last house on the street, a man was making a phone call. We decided to leave this house and go to another street instead.

Just then, a black dog ran out of the house and scared Ms. Liu, so she ran off. I stood in the middle of the road, trying to block the dog's way. He came up to me and was very friendly. He even put his front legs on my chest and tried to lick my face.

I suddenly realized that there was a reason that this dog was so welcoming. I pointed to the dog and said, “Can you please go say hi to her? Please don't scare her again.” The dog followed my instruction and went over to greet Ms. Liu.

After that, I quickly called it over: “I didn't get a chance to leave a flyer at your home. Can you please take a copy to your owner? I really hope that your owner will learn the truth and be saved.”

I grabbed a flyer and handed it to the dog. It looked at me and made a noise, as if to speak. I bent over to pat its head and said, “You also came with a mission. Whenever you run into practitioners handing out flyers, you should help them. Now go home.”

As the dog headed home, it kept turning around and looking at us. That truly touched me.

One night, I handed out flyers in a high-end residential area. Each home had its own backyard surrounded by a wall and equipped with security doors. One place had three homes within high walls with one security door. So I inserted three bags of materials in between the bars of the security door. Suddenly, a dark shadow appeared in front of me from inside the security door. Under the moonlight, I was able to see that it was a big black dog. It licked my hands and wagged its tail.

I understood that this was similar to my previous experience with a dog, so I said to it, “These materials can save people. Since I can't get in myself, can you help me get one to each household?” Sure enough, the dog put one bag in its mouth and dropped it off at one house. It did this two more times and then came back and looked at me through the security door with its tail still wagging. I put my hands through the security door and patted its head.

A Miraculous Escape Thanks to Master's Protection

I planned to go to a residential area in the city to distribute Falun Dafa information. The area had high walls and video cameras. In the morning, I said to Master, “I'd like to go to this area to hand out information, including the Nine Commentaries on Communist Party. Please help us eliminate all evil factors in that area. If there is anything unusual, Master, please give me a hint.”

After lunch, I went to a courtyard to study the Fa teachings. When I was ready to send forth righteous thoughts, I heard a bird flying above me. The bird pooped right on me, and I realized that it was a hint that there might be danger ahead. So I quickly returned home.

At home, I said to Master, “Master, thank you for the hint. Even so, sentient beings there are waiting to be saved. So I still want to go with my original plan if it's OK. Please protect me. Please help keep me safe. If I get stopped at the main entrance, please block the security guards.” Then I sent forth righteous thoughts one more time.

I arrived at the residential area in the afternoon. As I went through the entrance, I saw a security guard. I walked along the far left side and towards the building at the very end. Then I entered the building and went all the way up to the top floor. From there, I began to walk down, leaving brochures at each apartment.

When I got to the fifth floor, I was just about to hang a plastic bag on a doorknob when the door suddenly opened, and I was face to face with an elderly man. He looked at me unpleasantly and asked what was in the bag. I replied with a smile on my face that I was there to deliver good fortune.

He gave me a dirty look and snarled, “What good fortune? Was it sent by a Buddha?”

I replied, “It is about the Buddha school. If you read it, you'll see what I mean. Gods will ensure your safety.”

He said he would check it out later and then he left, so I followed him downstairs.

When I was ready to leave the community, I saw a woman in her 30s standing near the main entrance. She was talking to a security guard, who said they were searching for an old man in a jacket with a traveler's bag on his shoulder. The woman said she had arranged for two guards at the entrance.

After I realized they were talking about me, I quickly put my bag in a safe place, then turned my jacket inside out. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts to ask Master to protect me. While passing by the two security guards, I pretended that I didn't know anything. They looked at me with no trace of suspicion and continued chatting.

I relaxed as I walked through the main entrance. When I was just about to reach the powered gate door, a guard standing in front of the security office told me to stop, while the other guard shouted, “Stop!” But they couldn't move their hands or feet.

I didn't look at them and just kept walking until I got past the entrance. Then I went down a small side street. Even 10 meters away, I could still hear them shouting, “Stop!” Yet no one came out of the entrance. I quickly left the area.

Back home, I burned incense in front of Master's portrait and thanked him for his help. I saw Master smiling at me.