(Minghui.org) I learned by the end of April that there were over 70 practitioners from Taiwan that were repatriated by the Hong Kong government. I realized that Hong Kong needed reinforcement. Thus, I immediately registered to participate in the May 13 Celebrating of World Falun Dafa Day in Hong Kong.

One week before my departure, I felt great pressure and stress, as I could not help but worry about being repatriated. I wondered as to how I should react, and how to handle such an incident. I knew those thoughts were not right, thus I immediately negated them. As soon as a bad thought surfaced, I eliminated it right away.

I remembered from practitioners' sharing articles that the old forces want us to hold fear, worry, and lose our righteous thoughts. We have to negate them, as we have waited for this moment for millions of years, and we are fulfilling our historic vow! Falun Dafa practitioners are the lives the entire cosmos admires. We should be happy, upbeat and be of great spirit.

Throughout my trip I sent forth righteous thoughts and recited Master's Fa teachings. I saw two practitioners who were repatriated during another event. I was encouraged and moved, kept sending righteous thoughts for them, and hoped that they would break through any problems as well. When it was my turn, I felt my body in the other dimension was huge, it enveloped the entirety of Hong Kong. The pressure, worry, and concern was gone.

When I was distributing the Minghui Weekly, I said in my mind, “You have waited for eons for this moment.” I handed them the paper with a smile. Many people accepted the paper. I wanted them to sense the kindness of Falun Dafa practitioners.

There were many activities the next day. We demonstrated the Falun Dafa exercises in the morning. The Tian Guo Band was playing Dafa songs, and the choir was singing to celebrate the birthday of our founder.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sent many people to disturb our activities and harass Falun Dafa practitioners. My heart was heavy to see so many deceived people take a hostile stand toward Falun Dafa. I am very concerned about their future.

When we carried out our activities, we saw Hong Kong police slowly scanning our faces with a video camera. I was shocked by their behavior, as the police should be the protector of the citizens, but they have already become the CCP's oppression tool.

During the parade, the CCP thugs were yelling and shouting with loudspeakers. We sent righteous thoughts along the way, and it worked. The loudspeakers were out of commission and their noises died down.

We were greeting the spectators with a smile and waved, as well as leaving them with our good wishes and compassion.

It was a hot day. Even though I wore an outfit with long sleeves and long pants, I did not feel hot. However, I gradually felt the weight of the flag and it was hard to manage. There was an advertisement on a bus, it said: “Hold on! Break through!” I knew Master was encouraging me. I carried on with more energy. Thank you, Master!

I learned a great deal during this trip to Hong Kong. I had a breakthrough in my xinxing.

I used to have an attachment to myself and to what I enlightened to, and what I believed about the meaning of kindness vs evil while sizing others up, looking down upon others, lacking patience, and sometimes losing my temper. All these are actually attachments to self. They formed something like a mountain, and made me feel very uncomfortable and heavy.

After I returned from Hong Kong, I could feel that the substances of my attachments began to dissolve, including notions and karma.

I thank Master, for his encouragement and support.