(Minghui.org) When my life had no purpose, I was fortunate to obtain Dafa. Like many other practitioners, Master purified my body and taught me to be a really good person. When my xinxing elevates, I am happy and I have a clear purpose.

In 2014, I developed systemic lupus erythematosus, an incurable disease that medicine still has not clearly explained. It involves the immune system and affects the whole body. At first I lost a lot of hair, then I suffered from broken limbs, after which they were swollen. The orthopedic surgeon said that I had rheumatoid arthritis. I was only 25 years old and was simply bewildered and could not believe it.

Then I was seriously anemic. The city hospital doctor treated me for two months, but I did not get better. I was transferred to a blood transfusion hospital, but the results wouldn't be available for a week. During that time, I came down with a fever and had convulsions. I could not breathe and was taken to the emergency.

On receiving the results, the doctor told me to go online and read about my illness. After that, every month I had to go for tests at the hospital, where I saw all the patients with incurable diseases dying. I asked the doctor: “Doctor, can I get married? My boyfriend and I considered getting married before this! How long will I live? ”

But as my other ailments worsened, I developed new ones and suffered even more when I lost all my support. I really fell into the abyss!

Obtaining the Fa

I began to study Falun Dafa seriously in 2017 but was confused by a lot of different information I ran into. By reasoning it out, I have concluded that Falun Dafa follows the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, helps people improve their xinxing, and restores a person to good health. It is a practice of Buddha School cultivation in normal life, non-religious, apolitical, and free of charge. The bad information I heard came from extremists (those who do not follow Dafa's standards) or from Chinese agents, using benefits and money to bribe individuals to assist in spreading slanderous propaganda.

By April 2018, I had begun to cultivate seriously. I was really touched by Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa), and I admire Dafa practitioners in China for their compassion and resilience.

Benefiting from Cultivating in Dafa

After reading the Dafa book a few times, I felt that I was rectified. When I was a college student, I once wondered what it would be like to be a good person. What books taught this? What is right? What is wrong? I read many books that taught people how to behave, books about the meaning of life.

At that time, they were beneficial, but they only helped me change on the surface, which was not sustainable over time. They didn’t affect my inner self. When I went to work, personal interests, the drive to achieve, and money swayed me, and I forgot what I was looking for. Looking for fame, profit, and love, I once thought that I was very good, much better than many others.

I was very busy making money. Like any ordinary person who worked too much, I was tired and bad-tempered. I was teaching outside of the office, because it was very profitable. But I was no longer enthusiastic about my career.

By the time I got sick, my boyfriend, whom I had always thought was very loving, had changed completely. Sick and heartbroken, things got worse. That was a really miserable time in my life—I’d never felt such terrifying loneliness! I was barely able to keep up with my work at school, but I still kept teaching privately. I am ashamed to say that I was an irresponsible teacher.

When I got sick, I was always irritable, blamed others, and felt vulnerable. After I started to seriously study the Fa teachings and do the exercises, however, I turned into a different person. My sister told me that I had really changed, that I no longer had the same hateful attitude or behavior. It was because my mind was filled with the Fa.

I do not value titles and benefits like I used to. I realized that after-school tutoring affects the quality of my regular work and influences my teaching mentality. I held that overtime job just to earn more money. But is it good for students to be crammed with so much knowledge? They study in school in the morning and then they have to go in the evening. If I had not cultivated Dafa, I would have never realized this.

Some sponsors donated a million VND to each schoolteacher. I divided the money into five equal portions and gave one each to five good students who liked to read. I said they should buy books. I print exam preparation documents and give them to good students. I don’t worry about how much it costs, I just try to help them a bit because they are so eager to learn. And sometimes when there are materials distributed to other classes, the person in charge forgets to reimburse me for the printing. I just consider it a gift. In the past, I would not have done that. I might have been upset or unhappy and would not have been able to quit thinking about it.

After I started cultivating, I no longer held any resentment. By studying the Fa, I understood that all the grievances we encounter in this life are related to previous lives. If we owe a debt, we must pay for it.

I gradually learned to share with my colleagues and not to think only of myself. Of course, it is a process of change. In the past I was selfish and just wanted what would benefit me; I was jealous of anyone better off than I was.

Currently, every job I do and every thought I have are centered around Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. If something is not good, I will try to do it better. If there is a conflict in the making, I will try to ignore it. I am becoming much better day by day. After gradually removing attachments, I feel calm, and, in some cases, I experience the happiness of a true cultivator.

Master said:

“You know, with cultivators, the following is often said: only when you have an attachment will you be affected inside; if you don’t have an attachment, it will be like a breeze passing over you - you won’t feel a thing.”(“Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”).

I know I still have a lot of attachments to get rid of. After giving up an attachment, I discover another attachment, let it go, and just keep going. This is not easy at all, but when I succeed, both my mind and body feel really good.

A Healthy Body

When I first started to menstruate at around the age of 15, I had abnormally heavy bleeding. After that, I suffered from menstrual abnormalities and other unpleasant symptoms. A doctor told me to make follow-up visits. By the time I was over 20, the doctor still could not help me. He wrote on my chart, “Puberty menstrual disorders.”

I took a lot of medications but did not get better and felt miserable half of every month. After developing lupus, my symptoms related to my menstrual disorders got worse. After suffering for over 10 years, I now feel very lucky. Dafa has shown me miracles. My menstrual cycle is now normal. I clearly feel that everything has been corrected. Master has relieved me of my suffering.

Lupus destroyed one of my fingernails. It would grow longer but it was separated from the nail bed. Taking medicine was useless and it was like that for over a year. After I practiced Dafa for a while, the nail started to recover. I didn’t notice when it had healed completely. My mother told me that it was amazing!

A heart valve abnormality disappeared completely. One symptom of my menstrual disorder was leg fatigue. It was unbearable at the beginning of a menstrual cycle. After coming down with lupus, I had to take medicine and sometimes I had to wear compression hose. While teaching, I had to sit down and rub my feet, and in the evening I had to massage my legs and sleep with my feet up. Sometimes I could not sleep.

All this affected my work, because I had less time to observe my students during study time. Now that my legs are fine, I no longer need any medicine or treatments. I've almost forgotten that I used to have valve failure. When I lecture, I go back and forth a lot to observe and guide my students doing their lessons.

When there weren't enough teachers at my school, I taught more than 40 lessons a week (including extra lessons, with each being 45 minutes long) for more than three months without any symptoms or heart valve problems. It is difficult to find a teacher to work that hard. My colleagues always wonder why I can do so much work but always look full of life. I know that is because I cultivate in Dafa, and I share this with them.

In the past, I was always anemic and thin, looked pale, and had a swollen face. The drugs for lupus are very toxic, yet they were my daily companions. If I forgot to take them, I would be really worried. Now I am healthy and no longer take any medicine.

My family witnessed the miracles I experienced. My mother also started practicing Dafa and my grandmother likes to read Dafa books every day. My colleagues also noticed the changes in me, and someone asked me about the exercises. They know it is good, but they are all very busy.

I realize now that this is my “destiny.” Dafa is right before our eyes, but how many people recognize it! Cultivating in Dafa is not meant to improve people’s health but to have us improve our xinxing. After our xinxing improves, our health naturally gets better.

If I had not obtained Dafa, I would probably be a burden on my family and society. I have benefited a lot from practicing it. So many miraculous things have happened. I want to share this with everyone and hope that anyone who is predestined will soon come across Dafa.

Falun Dafa is good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!