(Minghui.org) I have experienced many things in my cultivation. The following are a few accounts about how ordinary people have awakened to the truth.

Transformation of a Drug Addict

I was illegally arrested and held in a detention center for three years. During this time I interacted with all kinds of people.

At the detention center, those who just arrived often got bullied, especially those who didn't have much money and couldn't afford to buy anything. Only when they acted as caretakers for inmate leaders could they obtain their daily necessities.

Of course, practitioners always treated them kindly, sharing our personal possessions no matter who they were, for whatever reason they came to the prison, and no matter how they treated us.

They could choose to either give the necessities back to us afterward or not. We'd take the initiative to help elderly or sick people, doing things like helping to wash their clothes.

Once, a drug addict in her 50s was admitted to the detention center. When her withdrawal symptoms flared up, she really needed to eat something.

At first, she was able to buy snacks with the money she'd deposited with the detention center. She was pretty generous, willing to share with her cellmates, although we always kindly declined her offer.

Eventually she used up all her savings, and her family didn't supply her with anything either. She couldn't eat the prison food as it tasted awful and would make her ill.

When she was short of daily necessities, I gave her mine. I also shared with her what my family sent in for me.

I also took care of her laundry. Those who'd mingled with her before now stayed away from her. It wasn't until her family had seen her condition that they sent her more money.

When she first came in, I clarified the facts to her about Dafa. She didn't want to listen and even tried to stay away from us, as she thought we were “obsessed.” But after a while, she was willing to sit with me to learn the truth about Dafa.

She said, “I didn't know anyone who practiced Falun Dafa before. After I had heard all the TV propaganda about practitioners, it totally threw me off!

“But after getting to know you, I realize you are so kind. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) just makes things up!”

When she shared with me about how other inmates treated her in comparison to us, I said, “Our master [Li Hongzhi] requires us to be good people wherever we are and to hold ourselves strictly to the standards of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance.”

One day, she pulled out a piece of paper for me to read. The title was: “I Have Witnessed that Falun Dafa Practitioners Are All Good People.” What followed were detailed examples.

She recounted the miracle of how she had quit drugs by sincerely reciting “Falun Dafa is wonderful! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful!”

She said to me, “You will get out of here soon. Please submit this article to the Minghui website for me when you do.

“Just wait until I get out of here—I'll tell everyone that Falun Dafa is wonderful!” she added.

Detention Center Doctor Changes Her Mind

There was a female doctor at the detention center whose last name was Wang. When practitioners were on hunger strikes to protest the persecution, in addition to cursing at and beating them, she organized the guards and inmates to cruelly force-feed them.

Because she mistreated practitioners, she always ran into bad luck. An inmate named Ali(alias) was one of her patients and later became friends with her.

Ali was in her 20s and had received a death sentence. At that time, she was appealing her sentence.

She ruled her cell and would beat up whoever she felt like. But I often spoke with her, was kind to her, and cared about her.

As a result, she liked to share her insights with me. She told me that the warden of the detention center often criticized Wang, saying things like, “Wang’s husband had an affair with someone, her son did poorly at school, etc.”

In addition, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer at an early stage. So I told Ali to let Wang know that she could make up for her wrongdoings and change her fate by reciting “Falun Dafa is wonderful, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is wonderful” and treating practitioners kindly.

Ali delivered this message to Wang, but Wang didn't believe her.

One morning Wang came to our ward limping. Later she told Ali that she had stumbled down the stairs and broken her leg.

She also said that she truly believed that good and evil receive their just returns because of what had happened to her. It turned out that the Friday before, after work, she saw a truth-clarification flyer hanging on her door. Without even looking at it, she threw it into the garbage bin. A couple of days later, she broke her leg.

Master said:

“… since as Dafa disciples you cultivate Shan, and you have to be compassionate to all beings. As for how those lives should pay off those debts, naturally there's the Fa to determine that. Whether or not they should remain is determined by the Fa's standards. So as Dafa disciples, just do your best to save them, that's all.” (Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference)

Even though Wang had been treating practitioners cruelly, I still clarified the facts to her, trying to save her while I had the chance. One day, she asked me to go outside with her to water some plants.

I took this opportunity to continue to clarify the facts to her about Falun Dafa. I told her, “Please do not put your own fate in jeopardy. If you maintain kind thoughts, you'll have good fortune and be safe.”

It could have been that she finally understood the truth because from then on, she no longer persecuted practitioners.

One time, she came looking for Ali. She gave her a few flyers, asking her to pass them on to me to show that she had kept them this time.

She told Ali that, a few days before, she had gone to the hospital for another exam and it turned out that her tumor was benign.

Guards Learn the Truth

Guards at the detention center often called us in for “conversations.” Every time, I tried to take the opportunity to clarify the facts to them.

I felt that we had a predestined relationship with whoever we came in contact with. I always told them about the beauty of Dafa and how I benefited from it. I also told them that, by quitting the CCP, one could ensure one's safety.

Once a guard called me to go outside with her. She asked me to help educate other inmates. I said to her, “You know that we are all good people. Why do you still hold us here?”

“Well, we have no authorization to release you,” she replied. “But if you do your exercises and study your teachings, we'll pretend not to see anything.”