(Minghui.org) A story was circulated among Dafa practitioners when the persecution first began. Mei (alias) was arrested in Beijing for appealing for the right to practice Falun Dafa.

At the police station, an officer handcuffed her and started to beat her. When the officer’s young son came into the room, Mei asked the officer to take the boy out and to not beat her in front of him since it was not something that a child should see. The police officer was moved and stopped beating her.

Several years later, the police ransacked Mei’s home. She asked Master for help and sent forth righteous thoughts to keep the police from committing crimes against Dafa or practitioners. When an officer was going to confiscate a photo of Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa), she conjoined her hands and said with determination, “Please do not take Master’s photo.” The officer was dumbfounded and completely at a loss for words. The director of the Domestic Security Division then said, “Please respect her belief.”

She was taken to the local brainwashing center and reprimanded in front of everyone. She later told the female guard that she kept silent at that time not because she was afraid of her but because she didn’t want her to get angry and make her blood pressure go up. The practitioner knew that the guard had high blood pressure.

She also said, “I know you are in a dilemma, but the principle of retribution is the same for everyone. Please do not participate in persecuting practitioners. Please leave a bright future for yourself.” The officer was moved and nodded her head.

Master said:

“Compassion is an enormous energy, the energy of righteous gods. The more compassion that is present, the greater this energy becomes, and it can disintegrate anything that is bad. This is something that has never been taught, be it by Shakyamuni or cultivators of the past. The greatest manifestation of shan is compassion, and it is an expression of tremendous energy. It can disintegrate all that is not right.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. IX)

When the persecution first began, I despised the police and had no compassion for them. I used human ways to fight them. After studying the Fa more and reading practitioners’ articles on the Minghui website, I felt bad for them since they will not have a good future because they have persecuted Dafa and practitioners. They came down to this world with great courage and a strong belief in Dafa, so we should awaken their knowing side and save them.

I eventually learned to talk to people with kindness. When the police asked why I had filed a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin (the former Party leader who launched the persecution of Falun Dafa), I answered them with compassion.

I said that I wanted to uphold justice and help people in the legal departments learn the true situation of the persecution since they had committed serious crimes against practitioners. I said that those who continue to participate in the persecution would have to pay for it in the future because that is the law of the universe. Practitioners file the criminal complaints at the risk of their own safety so that those who work in the legal departments will no longer commit crimes.

As I improved in cultivation, so did the power of my compassion. During the Communist Party’s Two Sessions last year, officers from the City Domestic Division and the Suburban Domestic Division came to “talk” to me. I told them that it was not right for them to treat practitioners as enemies and that I did not have any negative feelings towards them. I asked them to choose kindness even though they were given orders from above.

The Suburban Domestic Division officer seemed touched. He agreed to let me register my residence in his area and said that he would apply for a government allowance for me.

Master said,

“Shan is the manifestation of the nature of the universe at different levels and in different dimensions. It is also the fundamental nature of Great Enlightened Beings. Therefore, a cultivator must cultivate Shan and assimilate to the nature of the universe, Zhen-Shan-Ren.” (“A Brief Explanation of Shan” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

As practitioners who help Master rectify the Fa in the human world, we should save more police officers with compassion and dissolve the arrangements of the old forces. This is the manifestation of Master’s compassion and Dafa’s power at the human level.