(Minghui.org) Every morning, after studying the Fa, I go out to talk to people about Falun Dafa, rain or shine.

At first, I selected the people I talked to. One day when I went with another practitioner, I noticed a tough-looking man with tattoos on his arms. I wanted to skip him, but the other practitioner wanted me to talk to him. So I put aside my negative thoughts, walked up to him, and said, “Have you heard that many Chinese are quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?”

He asked me what I wanted and I said, “I don’t want your money or anything from you. I just don't want you to be implicated when the former CCP leader has to pay for his crimes. Please withdraw from any Party organizations you joined.”

He smiled and said that practitioners told him about withdrawing from the CCP when he was in jail. He knew Dafa was good but had not quit yet. I said, “It’s time to quit. Can I do it for you?” He happily agreed.

By the end of the day, much of my fear was gone. I thought to myself, “If I had skipped that man today, I wonder if he would ever have had another chance to quit the Party and its youth organizations? If Master arranged me to save someone, but I skipped him because of my notions, what a great sin that would be!”

Remembering to Look Within

One day, I dropped by at my aunt's before going out to talk to people. Because I needed to get home by noon to send forth righteous thoughts, I only had time to talk to a few people, and none of them agreed to quit.

I examined myself to see why this happened. I realized I should have gone to my aunt's place after I went out to clarify the truth. I did not prioritize saving people, and I did not watch my speech at my aunt’s home.

When I teamed up with another practitioner, she said, “I’m so exhausted from working on the farm, and my husband is upset that I do less housework because I'm tired.”

I said, “You’re in your 60s. You shouldn’t work on the farm anymore. You should find something else to do such as cleaning. That way you can make your own money and your husband cannot control you. He can work the farm himself.”

She said, “My husband cannot work outside the farm because it’s the only thing he knows. If I don’t help him, he won’t be able to handle it all.”

I looked within and realized that I was still affected by the Party's indoctrination and was self-righteous. What I was advising, without realizing it, would creat tension between her and her husband and lead to their separation. If I had bad thoughts like these, how could I save people? I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate them. The next day, I had a breakthrough in truth-clarification.

When I teamed up with an elderly female practitioner, she said it was best to use people's real names to quit the Party, because the names wouldn’t be duplicated. I agreed.

When we talked to a street vendor he agreed to quit the Party but hesitated to use his real name. Seeing he was hesitant and had a customer waiting, I quickly gave him a pseudonym and helped him quit. The practitioner was upset and repeatedly criticized me.

As we continued, she persuaded several people to quit. The way she spoke to me was very condescending and made me uncomfortable. When I stopped to talk to someone, she didn't notice and kept walking. I thought, “I won't chase after you. I want to be left alone.”

I looked within and realized I wasn't able to take criticism. I was also jealous of her ability to persuade many people to quit the Party. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate these bad thoughts.

I later teamed up with her a few more times. Because I had let go of my attachments that first time, we cooperated very well.

One day, when a fellow practitioner spoke with a man who refused to quit the CCP, I talked to him, and he agreed to quit. I felt satisfied and thought I was more capable than her.

I immediately realized that I was taking credit for others’ work, because everything is done with Master’s help and with practitioners working together. It is not because of my ability. I felt this was a sign of demonic interference from one’s own mind, and I must be alert.

Under certain circumstances, such as speaking to a group or when someone has many incorrect notions, teaming up with another practitioner helps a lot. For example, if the person is with a child, it works best if one practitioner talks with the parent while the other sends forth righteous thoughts. And as soon as the parent agrees to quit, it’s easy to persuade the child to quit the Young Pioneers.

If the parent does not want to quit, then it takes in-depth explanation to help them understand. The other practitioner should talk to the child and at least help him quit the Young Pioneers.

It’s not important who succeeds in persuading the person to quit, nor how many people one has successfully persuaded. The only thing that matters is that we do this with our hearts.

When clarifying the truth we talk to all kinds of people. Some thank us, while others swear at us. We do not harbor any resentment because we know they do this because they do not understand the truth. We need to continue treating them with compassion and do what Master wishes.