(Minghui.org) In the northwestern part of Croatia, at a tourist resort near Trakošćan Castle, practitioners from Croatia organized informational activities on May 1, 2019.

Because May 1st is Labor Day in Croatia, many visitors come to Trakošćan to celebrate, and to attend the fair which showcases local produce, food, and beverages. This was a great opportunity to present Falun Dafa to a large number of people and inform them about the persecution of the practice in China, including the harvesting of organs from prisoners of conscience.

Practitioners from Croatia and Slovenia demonstrated the exercises, handed out flyers, and collected signatures condemning the persecution and forced organ harvesting crimes. This was the second consecutive year that practitioners have gathered in Trakošćan for the Labor Day festivities.

Many visitors were present from all over Croatia and abroad, including from Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, and other countries. Several tourists who had learned about Falun Dafa last year stopped by the Falun Dafa booth again this year.

Practitioners do the Falun Gong exercises in Trakošćan.

Passersby were attracted to the Falun Dafa booth with the exercise demonstrations, as well as posters with information about the practice, the persecution, and forced organ harvesting in China. Practitioners demonstrated the exercises in the amphitheater, next to the castle by the lake, so that everyone who walked by the lake could hear the melodious Dafa music and watch the exercise demonstration. Many visitors took a seat in the amphitheater to watch. One woman said she found the atmosphere very peaceful.

The practitioners spoke to festival visitors about the practice and the persecution in China. Many visitors expressed concern about the organ harvesting from living Dafa practitioners in China, and gladly signed a petition to protest it.

A number of visitors wanted to learn more about practicing Falun Dafa and talked to practitioners for a long time. Young married couples with children stopped by the booth to get handmade paper lotus flowers.

Practitioners teach visitors the Falun Dafa exercises.

Practitioners from Slovenia met a group of visitors from Slovenia and taught them the exercises. Because of the May 1st holiday, many politicians visited Trakošćan, and some familiarized themselves with Dafa practitioners’ activities and the persecution. Practitioners accepted an invitation to hold Falun Dafa activities during the upcoming Health Food Fair in Varaždin.

Visitors observe practitioners doing the fifth exercise.

Visitors from Slovenia, from neighboring towns, and from Zagreb also inquired about the opportunity to learn the exercises. Practitioners gave them information about contact persons in Croatia and Slovenia.

Practitioners distributed many informational leaflets so that people who had never heard of Falun Dafa had an opportunity to learn about it. Some visitors who had previously heard of Falun Dafa asked for further clarification about why practitioners were being persecuted in China. They could not understand why this peaceful practice is being persecuted in China.

Practitioners teach visitors the Falun Dafa standing exercises.