(Minghui.org) The 2019 Vancouver Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held on May 5th. More than ten Falun Dafa practitioners shared their experiences and talked about how they've improved in their cultivation and their efforts to talk to people about Falun Dafa. When conflicts arose they looked inward and cooperated with other practitioners. Some eliminated sickness karma with strong faith in Master and Dafa.

Practitioners who attended the conference said that they reflected on their own cultivation after listening to others' presentations. They are determined to cultivate diligently and save more people.

The 2019 Vancouver Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference, May 5, 2019.

Breakthrough in Cultivation after Memorizing the Fa

Ms. Liu has been practicing Falun Dafa for more than 20 years, but she hadn't felt any significant improvements for a long time. She seemed to linger at a certain level and couldn't make a breakthrough. This January, a drastic change in her life seriously frustrated her and she felt pessimistic and lost. One part of her had completely lost hope in her cultivation. The other part was certain that the only way out of her rut was to place her trust in Dafa. She decided to memorize the Fa.

As soon as she started to memorize, Ms. Liu experienced a lot of interference. Sometimes her mind would wander even though her eyes were on the words. Sometimes, she had fantasies or thought of issues that made it impossible for her to concentrate. She'd repeat a sentence many times but still couldn't memorize it. Her mouth was reading, but her mind wasn't. Yet no matter how slow it was, Ms. Liu persisted in memorizing the Fa. She also sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference.

Ms. Liu continued memorizing the Fa every day for two months, and was able to evaluate her difficulty from a different viewpoint. Her deep frustration and pessimism gradually left. Her only wish was to align herself with the Fa.

She also eliminated her attachments to reaching consummation and to her truth-clarification projects. She was able to let go of her notions and cooperate better with other practitioners.

Ms. Liu said that memorizing the Fa was a format, but the real key was strengthening her righteous thoughts. She stayed firm in her faith when her situation seemed hopeless. She strongly believed that Dafa would save her and carry her over this tribulation. She knows that's why she was able to make incredible improvements within just two months.

Clarifying the Facts Face to Face

Ms. Cui began practicing Falun Dafa over 20 years ago. She lived in China when the persecution began. She clarified facts about Falun Dafa to every person she met, including street cleaners.

After Ms. Cui moved to Vancouver in 2008, she joined the Falun Dafa practitioners who volunteer to help people quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. They displayed banners in Vancouver's Chinatown and talked to people about the importance of quitting the Party. On rainy days, they visited stores and helped employees and customers quit the Party.

Ms. Cui said that people who previously opposed their efforts have now changed their attitude towards Falun Dafa. After a store owner quit the Communist organizations he thanked the practitioners and said, “It's very nice of you! What you are doing is great!” Many people now give them a thumbs-up. Some said, “You're marvelous!” and, “Your Master is great!”

Looking Inward and Eliminating Negative Thoughts

Ms. Guo is involved in a media project. Without realizing it, she often had negative thoughts. Some of these negative thoughts were about herself. Some were about others. For example, she often focused on fellow practitioners' shortcomings instead of their strong points. She thought that some practitioners' behavior reflected Communist Party culture, others were concerned about saving face, etc. She was also unhappy about herself and felt down about her own cultivation.

She realized that these negative thoughts reflected the narrow-mindedness and arrogance of the old cosmos. She was measuring others with her own standards. After she understood what was happening, she began paying attention to her negative thoughts when she got upset, began blaming others or felt helpless. She knew that these thoughts were not in line with the Fa. A practitioner should be positive, and actively seek to make corrections and improvements.

Ms. Yang also works for a media group. She talked about how she eliminated her fighting mentality. She and another practitioner worked together during a recent expo. They started the day by disagreeing over something trivial.

After she examined her behavior, Ms. Yang understood that many of her hidden attachments came from her mentality of contention. Their conflicts started when she learned that the other practitioner failed to sign an advertisement contract. As a result, Ms. Yang had to change her plans in order to meet a certain deadline before Christmas. She complained the whole time she worked to meet the deadline.

She forgot to look inward and cultivate herself. Instead she blamed the difficult situation on the other practitioner. After she identified her problem, she was able to eliminate her contentious mentality and resolve the conflict.

Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Promoting Shen Yun

Mr. Zhong works in a company with the largest number of Chinese employees in Canada. He was worried that promoting Shen Yun might be controversial, but he didn't know how to overcome his negative thoughts.

The days passed, and little time was left before Shen Yun came to perform in the area. One night he had a dream in which the company's CEO came to him and asked, “Why don't you just tell them?” The dream was so vivid that he woke up. He realized that he had the dream because he needed to promote Shen Yun in his company.

Master arranged many opportunities for him to talk to his colleagues individually. Mr. Zhong gave them Shen Yun flyers and recommended this great show to them. He also handed out information about Shen Yun during his company's luncheons. All of his Chinese colleagues were happy to accept the information and thanked him.