(Minghui.org) My chronic illness became more serious in May 2000. The pain in my abdomen intensified and I was unable to eat. I consulted specialists at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. After being admitted for a month and a half, doctors there told me, “Your stomach mucosa has virtually disappeared, making it impossible for you to digest food. You can return home as we are unable to offer further treatment.”

Because Western doctors had virtually given up on me, I consulted a traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. However, the doctor told my family, “There is no point in continuing treatment. Her organs are failing and no medicine can cure her.” My family refused to give up and brought me to see a person nicknamed by locals as the “monkey fairy.” Initially, this person agreed to treat me. However, after spending a large sum of money, the “monkey fairy” finally also gave up. Having lost hope, my family brought me home to die.

In May 2001, my condition deteriorated. Unable to eat or drink, I became so thin that I weighed less than 30 kilograms. For more than 20 days, I relied on constant intravenous infusions for nutrients. The knife-like pain in my abdomen would spike every ten minutes, leaving me in a cold sweat. As my legs were constantly curled towards my stomach in a bid to help relieve my persistent abdominal pain, I became unable to straighten them. Suffering in the grasp of this long-term illness, I started to wish for an early death.

One night, when I was unable to sleep, I was struck by a sudden urge to read Zhuan Falun. I had previously practiced Falun Dafa in 1998, and this had been the happiest time of my life. However because I lacked a deep understanding of the Fa during the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution in 1999, I caved in under pressure and gave up cultivation practice. Because of my dire condition, I was certain that no one would arrest me.

I took out my copy of Zhuan Falun from my bedside table and opened the book. As soon as I laid eyes on Master Li’s photo (the founder), I felt a sudden surge of fear. My hair stood on end and I felt a stream of cool air issue forth from my scalp. I felt the same sensation at my Baihui acupuncture point, as though cold water was issuing forth from my body. This feeling gradually dissipated within half an hour.

Feeling a lot more comfortable, I completed the first lecture of Zhuan Falun before exhaustion hit and I fell asleep for more than an hour. This was a miracle in itself. My stomach pain had been so severe that I would be jolted awake every ten minutes.

That morning, I was able to drink some water. Emboldened by my progress, my family prepared some porridge which I found myself able to eat. I then instructed my family to stop giving me any more medications and intravenous infusions. My family members tried to persuade me to continue with the infusion, but I told them that this was obviously not working. In contrast, I was able to eat and drink after completing just one lecture of Zhuan Falun. I was determined to study Dafa and follow Master Li’s teachings.

Unable to stand, I initially resorted to practicing the meditation exercise in bed. Whenever I sat in the lotus position, a warm heat would engulf my body and the pain in my abdomen and stomach would recede. As I continued to cultivate, my health continued to improve and I was able to stand after 20 days. My weight increased to 35 kilograms and I was able to venture out to study the Fa with fellow practitioners.

I returned to work in October, to the shock of my fellow colleagues. All of them were in a state of disbelief, having previously heard of my condition and concluding that death was almost certain. I told them that Dafa had saved my life. In awe they all exclaimed, “Falun Dafa’s power is so miraculous!” Their sentiments were also echoed by my family and relatives. I am grateful to Master Li for saving my life.