(Minghui.org) Nine Falun Gong practitioners from Dalian City were arrested on the evening of March 18, 2018, while distributing the book The Ultimate Goal of Communism. Ms. Zhang Sanman was one of the arrested practitioners. She has been detained for over one year. She was diagnosed with a thyroid tumor. She also suffers from high blood pressure and cannot raise her arm. Her health has deteriorated and her family requested that she be released on bail for medical treatment.

The nine Falun Gong practitioners from Dalian City are: Ms. Gu Xiuhua, Mr. Liu Xiyong, Mr. Zhou Xing, Mr. Li Tianxue, Ms. Wang Lizhi, Ms. Zhang Sanman, Ms. Tan Chunrong, Ms. Sun Baoying, and Mr. Liu Jinglong.

With the exception of Mr. Liu Xiyong, all of the arrested practitioners were tried in the Jinzhou District Court in Dalian on September 25, 2018. Ms. Gu Xiuhua, Mr. Zhou Xing, and Ms. Wang Lizhi were sentenced to four years in prison. Ms. Zhang Sanman and Ms. Tan Chunrong were sentenced to three years and eight months. Mr. Li Tianxue was sentenced to three years and two months. No details are known about the other practitioners.

Ms. Zhang appealed to the Dalian Intermediate Court, but the original judgment was upheld.

Ms. Zhang has been illegally detained for more than a year now. Her family has been repeatedly denied requests to visit her. Her lawyer was eventually allowed to see Ms. Zhang and observed her symptoms of severe hyperthyroidism and that she had lost a lot of weight. Ms. Zhang also has difficulty urinating. She was diagnosed with a thyroid gland tumor at Xinhua Hospital in Dalian.

She was taken to the hospital for a Doppler ultrasound as requested by the doctor. Afterwards, the guards at the detention center did not give her much information and just administered her pills for high blood pressure and hyperthyroidism.

Ms. Zhang’s children went to the Puwan District Government to ask that she be released for medical treatment. They were told they had to apply to Shenyang Prison and the Shenyang Judicial Bureau.