(Minghui.org) In November of last year, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched a massive arrest effort targeting Falun Gong practitioners in Heilongjiang Province. By the time we finally got a chance to make calls about this initiative, it was already March. I am one of the team members who make phone calls to China. We help support local practitioners to create calling groups, facilitate them, reinforce them, eliminate evil, and save local people.

We, the practitioners outside of China, need to have a sense of urgency and see the importance regarding cases like this and for those still held in detention while the police prepares to prosecute them. If we are not aware of the details, we might lack energy and power when we make the calls.

We are part of a group no matter where we are. We are not on the front lines of the persecution, so it might be difficult for us to get a sense of what they do. But have we ever considered that “leisure” and “comfort” are how those of us outside of China are “persecuted?” They water down the sense of urgency, importance, and enthusiasm as we face such an important task.

I recommend that our team members review the report in question before making a call. In particular, I reviewed the report on the No. 2 Harbin Detention Center, which said that all the practitioners sent there were strip searched, forced to open their mouths, open their legs wide, and jump up and down. Whenever they came back after being interrogated, inmates were ordered to strip them again and make them jump up and down to humiliate them again.

Falun Gong practitioners were beaten, cursed at, and tortured by the guards and inmates. It was so crowded that the practitioners had to sleep on their sides just so that they would all be able to lie down. And then they had no room to turn over once they did.

We are cultivating our hearts and minds, so we should not just go through the formality of cultivation. Some of us seem to be content just to count the number of projects we are involved in, how many activities we participate in, and how busy we are. The time seems to pass quickly, we are busy all day long, go to bed early and get up late. Is that the state of a cultivator? Where is the energy that keeps us diligent, disciplined, surging forward, and breaking through levels and improving? Sentient beings are waiting for us. Shouldn't we cherish their lives more? We know their origins and why they came to this world!

Master said:

“This undertaking has already come to the last stage, and I am extremely worried, yet you still do not treat it seriously. In the end, however, it will be too late even if you cry.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference”)

If we have no sense of urgency, if we focus on living a life of leisure, if we are not able to be strict with ourselves, then we are being selfish. We have to cooperate well with the group or we will not be able to fulfill our duty in helping Master rectify the Fa.

We really have to look within, ascertain what kind of state we are in, and not deceive ourselves.