(Minghui.org) Recently I saw two practitioners acting arrogantly when fixing printers for other practitioners. Practitioners being helped kept over-praising them. I would like to remind fellow practitioners that we should always remain humble.

The two practitioners talked very big, as if they could fix any technical problems. After they were done, they acted as if it was unnecessary to print a few pages to test the repaired equipment.

Practitioners doing technical support are likely to receive praise from the people they help. Over time, they may get used to praise and start to think of themselves as extraordinary. That is a sign of the attachment to showing off, and could be dangerous. We should be clear that our wisdom and technical skills are given by Master. We should never come to think that we are superior to others.

Practitioners receiving their help should not over-praise them either. From a cultivator's point of view, technical support is part of those practitioners' jobs and they are supposed to do it well. We should not act like everyday people, repeatedly thanking, praising, or even idolizing the ones that helped us. I realized that I had gone wrong when I noticed this mentality in myself.

We are here to assist Master to rectify the Fa, not to validate ourselves. We should not think that we are extraordinary and above other practitioners. We should not cause other practitioners to develop that mindset either.