A Sharp Pair of Eyes

Before I began Falun Dafa cultivation practice, I suffered from cataracts, vitreous floaters, central retinitis, and other eye diseases. My eye problems started in 1976, and forced me to rely on a series of increasingly thick and heavy glasses in order to see normally. The heavy weight pressing on my nose and ears had left unsightly scars by 1996, and my eyesight had deteriorated to the point that not even the thickest lenses could save my sight.

Fortunately I found Falun Dafa in 1997. During the initial period of my cultivation my eyes became red, inflamed, and so sensitive to light that I was unable to open them. Unable to see, I could only sit in bed while listening to audio recordings of Master Li’s lectures. While in the midst of listening one day, I started to doze off. Instantly, I felt a firm pat on my shoulder, which jolted me awake. I resumed listening and assumed it was my wife who prodded me to awaken, though when I called out to her, the house remained silent and she did not respond. Half an hour later, she suddenly returned home from the market. After my initial shock, I realized that Master had been by my side as he purified my body. Within days, my eyesight became clear, and the degree of correction needed for my glasses decreased from seven hundred to three hundred.

I previously had to rely on my glasses to see pedestrians, view distant scenery, and even to read books. Now, even without my glasses, I am able to read the Falun Dafa book, Zhuan Falun. Though I spend much time reading Minghui website articles and working on the computer, my eyesight remains unaffected. Dafa and Master healed my incurable eye disease and restored light to my life!

Besides curing my eyesight, Master also cured my other chronic diseases, including cerebral arteriosclerosis, spinal compression fractures, coronary heart disease, cardiac arrhythmia, atrophic erosive gastritis, ulcerative colitis, kidney cysts, and severe benign prostate hyperplasia.

Keeping Up with the Progress of Fa-rectification and Cultivating Myself

Towards the end of 2017, I became less diligent in cultivation practice and Fa study. After experiencing aches and strains from climbing up the stairs, I decided that our advanced age made staying in our current home unfeasible, and decided to move to an elderly-friendly, single-story home. I started searching for a suitable place to rent or buy.

A sudden loud crash reverberated throughout my home in January 2018. Thinking we were experiencing an earthquake, I hastily called out for my wife, who immediately urged me over to her location. I rushed over and saw that two out of three heavy cabinets, which had originally been stacked on top of one another, had fallen on my wife, pinning her underneath. I quickly knelt, and with much difficulty, managed to lift the cabinets away from her.

My wife is a petite woman who weighs 70 pounds. One single cabinet alone weighed seventy to eighty pounds. Moreover the cabinets were not empty, but filled with heavy objects. Worried, I quickly asked her if she was injured. She reassured me that besides a bruised back, she was fine. Master had protected her.

The accident rendered my wife unable to walk down stairs for more than a month. During this time I started searching inward, and came across a few Minghui articles which covered the topic of buying houses in order to enjoy a more comfortable life. Only then did I realize my mistake. By following my ordinary human notions, I had forgotten to hold myself to the standard of a practitioner, and this gap had been exploited by the old forces. After uncovering my failings, I started listening to Master’s Guangzhou, Jinan, and Dalian lecture videos every day. I also listened to selected programs on Minghui radio, diligently sent forth righteous thoughts, and practiced the exercises daily, constantly reminding myself that I was not an ordinary elderly person.

As many farmers will be in the fields harvesting their crops, the autumn season of September is the best time to clarify the facts behind the persecution of Falun Dafa. Though my wife had yet to completely recover from her accident, she accompanied me along my journey. We visited more than ten villages in six townships within five days, and distributed 185 copies of Minghui Weekly and 805 copies of truth clarification flyers to a receptive audience. Upon receiving our flyers, many people immediately paused to read them. As we continued our truth clarification work deeper into the countryside, we found it easier to climb up the stairs at home. In doing well the three things, we had received added strength and encouragement from Master.

Distributing Various Truth-Clarifying Materials to Save People

The people of the world all different, coming from different social strata and various walks of life. It is important to provide materials that will appeal to their interests and understanding when introducing them to Falun Dafa.

Most urban and rural families nowadays send their children to school with hopes that they will later be admitted to a university. Since practicing Falun Dafa can improve wisdom, we compiled several Minghui articles about this subject into a small booklet. Our booklet was well received. Many students who quit the Chinese Communist Party after learning the facts went on to be admitted to prestigious universities.

More and more people today suffer from diseases for which modern medicine has no cure. In order to save these people, we have gathered a number of illness recovery articles from the Minghui website to share with those who are challenged by ill health. As a result of our efforts, many terminally ill people have recovered, and some have become Falun Dafa cultivators.

We met a 60 year old farmer last year, whose stomach had been completely removed because of stomach cancer. His entire family was crying in despair. Upon learning of his situation, we forwarded articles from the Minghui website to him, including one which described the miraculous experience of Mrs. Wei, who also had her stomach removed. In addition we asked him to listen to Master’s audio lecture recordings. Not only did he miraculously recover his health and ability to eat normally, he also became a Falun Dafa practitioner.