(Minghui.org) Many fellow Dafa practitioners in China feel intimidated when they are asked to write articles for the Minghui website. Some say they haven't cultivated themselves well and don't think they have much to write about. Some think they aren't good at writing, while some elderly practitioners really need fellow practitioners' help to write their articles.

In my opinion, most practitioners, except for some elderly ones who really need help, haven't realized that writing articles for Minghui is actually an important part of the cultivation process for practitioners in China.

Master has given us the great cultivation climate for collective improvement in the formats of group Fa study, group exercise, and experience-sharing conferences during the years he has taught the Fa. Through these formats, we can encourage and motivate each other and improve quickly. If we had been asked to write an article for an experience-sharing conference before the persecution began in 1999, I'm sure many fellow practitioners would have actively participated, because it's like writing an answer paper for a test that Master has given us. It's also a great opportunity to thank Master for his grace and a way to validate the Fa. A student has to submit answers at the end of a test anyway. Now the format for our experience sharing for many practitioners has changed to writing articles for the Minghui website, but the level of significance remains the same. Failing to do so seems to be skipping a step in our cultivation. Reading other practitioners' sharing articles on Minghui can indeed help us improve, but the categorical leap in our understanding of the Fa relies on our own participation.

The process of writing experience-sharing articles is a process of improving in cultivation. As we write, our understanding of Dafa principles will deepen. Recounting the details of how we passed xinxing tests will enlighten us to Dafa principles we didn't realize while going through the test. Master never stops bringing us to new levels of understanding of Dafa principles.

Reviewing the draft is a process of self-reflection. We will check to see if our choice of words is colored with Communist Party culture. The process of revising the articles is also a process of eliminating the evil factors of communism with our righteous thoughts. We check to see whether we have exaggerated or whitewashed anything, whether we have written with a pure mind in accordance with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, whether we have used the Fa to validate ourselves, whether there is any hidden pursuit of reputation, any fighting mentality, any intention to show off, any complaints or jealousy of others, whether we have been considerate of our fellow practitioners' feelings, whether our articles promote collective improvement or contribute to validating the Fa and saving sentient beings, etc.

When submitting our articles, we can also reflect on our attitude. Is our goal to have the article published? Is the goal an attachment or out of a pure, good intention?

If our articles are published, what's our reaction? Is there any zealotry or mentality of showing off? Are we afraid of offending fellow practitioners? If the writing has caused some misunderstandings among fellow practitioners, how should we handle it? Do we remain unmoved when we hear ridicule or praise of our article? If our article isn't published, what's our reaction? Are we disappointed? Frustrated? Do we feel unfairly treated? Do we harbor any jealousy or grievance?

I have personally experienced every step of such a journey. My xinxing has improved a lot, and my understanding of the Fa has deepened through the process of writing for Minghui. I no longer write anything for the sake of writing. I truly regard it as an opportunity to improve. I write my candid feelings as if I were chatting with a group of fellow practitioners sitting in a circle with me. I don't care if it's published or not. I simply write down my true feelings. Every time an article of mine is published, I find out about it from fellow practitioners even though I hadn't told them I was the author.

As Master told us,

“Keep in mind: One should gain things naturally without pursuing them.” (“Learning the Fa” from Essentials for Further Advancement)