When I was about seven or eight meters away from the pump room, breathing became impossible as the air was filled with poisonous gas. I tried to hold my breath and thought: I must turn off the switch no matter what happens; if the gas keeps leaking, it will cause a horrific explosion.

I kept calling out “Master! Help me!” as I was feeling my way forward. I found a switch located opposite the door and turned it off, but the pump kept running. So I continued on in, trying to find the right switch. I found another one three or four meters inside the room and turned it off. The pump came to a halt and the gas stopped leaking. I turned around and walked out.

Anxiety and fright made my legs wobbly and my whole body very weak. I had to sit down. “Thank you, Master,” I said in my heart. “Everyone in the surrounding area should be grateful to our Master and to Falun Dafa.”

Without Master's protection, we would have seen a repeat of the horrifying “Tianjin explosion” because there are seven gigantic gas containers in our yard, with around 70 tons of flammable and explosive gas. An explosion would have been a disaster, resulting in numerous fatalities and injuries.

It was our compassionate Master who helped me and the local people escape a possibly deadly disaster. Thank you, Master!

Everyone knows that when liquefied gas leaks into a room, even just switching on or off a light can set off an explosion. Although our switches are fire resistant, the distribution boxes are all open.

In that particular situation, the pump room was filled with liquefied gas, and it was impossible for anyone to breathe; furthermore, anyone breathing in any liquefied gas would be poisoned.

When I was in the pump room, I completely forgot about breathing and didn't feel any discomfort, either. It was truly miraculous.

All my colleagues said to me, “You were so brave. If there had been an explosion, there would have been nothing of you left.”