(Minghui.org) Mr. Liu Jinguo was the deputy principal of the Linshu Neighborhood No. 4 Elementary School in Linshu County, Shandong Province. He was sentenced to a three-year prison term and held in Jinan Prison because he practices Falun Gong, a spiritual discipline being persecuted by the Chinese communist regime. He is tortured on a regular basis for refusing to give up his belief.

Mr. Liu was put through another round of torture after he handed in a declaration to nullify the “five statements” (to denounce Falun Gong) that he had written under duress to the prison authorities in January 2018. He was forced to watch videos that slandered the practice all day. The volume of the TV was turned up very loud, damaging his hearing.

When he refused to “transform,” Mr. Liu was made to stand still for a long period of time. His legs became so swollen and painful that it was difficult for him to climb up to the upper bunk bed. He was eventually told to sleep on the bottom bunk by inmates Wu Kejun and Xue Qinghai. That just made it easier for them to continue torturing him.

Due to the prolonged abuse, Mr. Liu couldn't eat for five days in a row towards the end of March. He was taken to the hospital and then back to the prison. Only after he lost consciousness several times and suffered memory loss did the prison authorities stop the forced “transformation” and “study” sessions.

He was transferred to the strict management group in April 2018. Chen Jianming was the guard in charge, while inmates Song Weiguang and Xu Jianan closely monitored the practitioners.

Mr. Liu refused to admit or put in writing that “hunger strikes are in violation of the prison regulations.” He was punished for six months as a result. He was forced to sit still facing the wall or stand still for a long period of time.

During that period, he wrote to warden Sun Luguang about inmates Shi Guangxing, Wu Kejun, Xue Qinghai, and Wang Yuchen violating the prison laws and regulations. He then commented that the strict management team did not comply with the prison regulations in October 2018. In retaliation, he was tied to a chair with a restraining belt by inmates Shi Guangxing, Yang Xiaolei, and Li Wenhao for three straight days. Each day, he was given only three steamed buns to eat with one glass of water.

Arrested March 1, 2016

Mr. Liu was arrested on March 1, 2016, by officer Qiu Feng from the Linshu County Domestic Security Division, and 610 Office agent Li Fangchun. His home was ransacked.

Li Fangchun slapped him in the face.

Mr. Liu's family hired a lawyer to defend him. Due to the authorities' threats, lies, and interference, the family terminated the lawyer's services during Mr. Liu's hearing. He was given a three-year prison term.

On September 8, 2016, Mr. Liu was transferred to the No. 11 Ward of Jinan Prison, a ward that specifically detains Falun Gong practitioners. Inmate Shi Guangxing and others tried to “transform” Mr. Liu.

They kept him alone in a room and deprived him of sleep. Inmate Zhang Xibo hit him in the face with a stainless steel cup, while Wu Kejun forced him to sit one-and-a-half feet from the television screen while watching videos that slandered the practice.

Mr. Liu was notified by the Linshu County Education Bureau, Human and Social Affairs Bureau, that he was dismissed from his job in 2017.

His illegal arrest and imprisonment have negatively impacted Mr. Liu's family. His 80-year-old father became seriously ill from constantly worrying about him, and his son dropped out of high school due to the stress of the persecution.