(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. I am steadfast and diligent on my cultivation path. Master has been protecting and guiding me during all the years of my cultivation.

Pregnant Practitioner Escapes out of Small Car Window

After the onset of the persecution launched by the Jiang Zemin regime, countless Falun Dafa practitioners went to Beijing from all over China to appeal for the right to practice Dafa

In order to safeguard Falun Dafa and my conscience, I also went to Beijing towards the end of 1999. A group of practitioners from all over China lived in a large apartment in Beijing. We were arrested and transferred to a sports stadium. Everyone was registered, and those who refused to give their names were put into vehicles and taken to unknown locations.

I was pushed into a police van. There were a dozen practitioners already in the van, with one of them being a pregnant woman. We were all worried for her safety. A practitioner said quietly, “Open the window and let her out.” We opened the window and carefully helped her out! She safely got through the small window, quickly crossed the street, and disappeared! The policemen had no idea!

Demanding Unconditional Release

I was arrested at the end of 2000, because I refused to give up my faith. I was taken to a brainwashing center and later transferred to a local detention center. I was held in solitary confinement for six months, with an armed guard outside the cell.

The New Year holiday was approaching, and many practitioners and I went on a hunger strike against the long-term detention and persecution. The detention center wanted us to sign a document to give up our belief, then release us. We refused to sign. We demanded our unconditional release.

On the fifth day of the hunger strike, I saw big round pancakes hanging down from the sky – they looked so real.

I understood that Master was encouraging us. The next day, we were released. I went home for the New Year and had pancake for real!

Eliminating a Persecution Plot

One night I had a vivid dream. Several policemen went to a company to arrest a fellow practitioner. I hurried there and asked the person to hide all her Dafa materials in her office and leave, as the police were on their way.

When I woke up, I wondered why this dream was so real. Did Master want to remind me of something? I went to a fellow practitioner who used to work at that company and learned that there was a fellow practitioner who did very well in the effort to raise awareness of the persecution. The police were monitoring her, and were planning to arrest her.

My dream had warned me about such an incident. So, I understood immediately and asked the practitioner to warn our fellow practitioner about an impending arrest. We advised her to hide all of her Dafa materials, intensify her Fa study, and send forth righteous thoughts. We notified other local practitioners to send righteous thoughts to reinforce her.

With Master's protection and fellow practitioners' support, the plot to persecute that practitioner never materialized. The case never unfolded, and the practitioner remained safe!