(Minghui.org) Several weeks ago, a Minghui editorial was published to call for submissions to commemorate World Falun Dafa Day 2019.

A practitioner living close to me wrote a draft and asked me to edit it. We were on friendly terms, and I was aware that she was doing well in life, including handling material interests, dealing with family conflicts, and taking care of parents-in-law. Many fellow practitioners and non-practitioners agreed with my assessment.

Slow Writing Progress

When I started to work on the article, I found it difficult. I spent lots of time on it but made little progress. I often felt tired and muddle-headed, and when I was clear-minded, I did not seem to have time to work on it.

This seemed odd. There was a barrier between me and the article, which blocked me from understanding the article's message. I remembered that when I listened to this practitioner sharing her stories, I was in tears. When I told her stories to other practitioners, I wept again, and they were also in tears. So, what happened?

Although I could not find a reason for my being blocked when trying to work on the article, I was determined to do my best so that more people could benefit from it. In the meantime, I realized that the difficulty I experienced came from interference from other dimensions. I had heard of other practitioners being interfered with when trying to work on or write an article.

Sometimes they feel hesitant to write an article, some think that there is little to write about, and others think they do not know how to write. Furthermore, some do not pay much attention or treat it as a precious opportunity to clarify the facts about Dafa.

Overcoming Issues and Interference

I usually worked on the article in the evening. Each time, I read it several times and tried to remain within the context expressed by the author and not exaggerate.

After working for quite some time on this article, I modified the structure and paragraphs and strengthened the message.

I used to submit an article to Minghui at that stage. But this time, I checked the article on a deeper level. An article commemorating Falun Dafa Day needs to be accurate and be of very high quality. That means that I am responsible for that practitioner, for me, and for society. I needed to deliver a pure and accurate message. Therefore, I gave the second draft to fellow practitioners, as well as the author, for comments.

By the time I finalized the article, all interference had disappeared. I suddenly realized that submitting articles to commemorate World Falun Dafa Day is something Master asked us to do–it is a test to evaluate our cultivation state.

Practitioners’ Obligation

Each year, Minghui calls for articles twice: one is for World Falun Dafa Day, and the other for the China Fahui. The former allows practitioners to write about their cultivation experience and express their gratitude toward Falun Dafa and Master Li. The latter is a review of our cultivation path, finding gaps, and doing the three things better.

Suppose these are two exams. Why would someone skip them and receive zero points? As a practitioner, we know we should listen to Master. Such an opportunity could be one example.

As we write or edit articles, our righteous thoughts are strengthened, and impure elements are eliminated.

If all practitioners could realize the importance and write down their stories, even if they may look trivial, they can help lead people toward selflessness and righteousness.

The editorial said, “As cultivators who have benefited from Falun Dafa, it is our responsibility to share Dafa's wonderfulness with people so that they can understand the truth, break free from the CCP's [Chinese Communist Party] lies, and be blessed by Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.”

Being Responsible for Ourselves

I noticed that some practitioners in my local area have been interfered with and are thus not diligent in cultivation practice.

Some are involved in family conflicts, financial issues, or other problems. I hope such practitioners will become clear-minded, take this opportunity to write an article, and do well in cultivation. This is to be responsible for ourselves and not let down Master's expectations for us.

The article submission started on March 5 and ends on April 13. It is my hope that all practitioners make the best use of this opportunity.