(Minghui.org) Under the direction of former leader Jiang Zemin, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched a nationwide campaign of persecution against Falun Gong in July 1999. In order to fuel and maintain the persecution of this traditional mind-body cultivation practice, the CCP flooded the airwaves, television, Internet, and print media with lies and slander about Falun Gong.

Since then, Falun Gong practitioners, myself included, have been working hard to raise awareness of the persecution. After years of telling people the facts, more and more people in China have awakened and now understand what Falun Gong is and that the persecution is wrong in every way. Many people now know that the persecution lacks legal basis and that Falun Gong is nothing like what's depicted by the state propaganda, and many of them have also quit the CCP and its subordinate organizations.

I'd like to share two incidents of people coming to understand the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution and quitting the CCP.

A Taxi Driver Who Knew a Lot about Falun Gong

I often go out to talk to people about Falun Gong and the persecution. In the spring of 2017, I took a taxi and spoke with the driver, a middle-aged man. I asked him whether he'd heard about the movement to quit the CCP. He said that he'd heard of it but didn't know how to do it. When I told him that I could help, he told me that he was retired from the Army and was a Party member, but that he wanted to withdraw his membership in the CCP.

He seemed to know a lot about current events. He told me that he knew the history of Jiang Zemin, how he'd seized power through despicable means, and that many officials had been promoted for persecuting Falun Gong. He added that it was a grave sin that Jiang committed by persecuting a group of innocent people.

The taxi driver was very thankful for my helping him quit the CCP. He asked for more truth-clarification materials so he could help more people learn the truth.

Waiting for Truth-clarification Materials

I was distributing Falun Gong information at a market when someone tapped me on the back and startled me. A man in his 40s was smiling at me and said, “I finally found you! I've read Falun Gong materials here in the past. The information was very good, and I've been waiting for a long time for new information. I'm so glad to find you!”

Then he told me, “I have many co-workers in construction who also want to read your information. Could you give me some extra copies to take back to them?” I gave him what he asked for and told him about the importance of quitting the CCP and its youth organizations.

Several days later I ran into him again. This time, he gave me a list of 34 people who wanted to withdraw from the Party and its organizations!