(Minghui.org) Police officers illegally arrested Ms. Pei Yuxian and her husband Mr. Li Yanchun on November 25, 2018, while they were distributing calendars with Falun Gong content in Lulong County, Hebei Province. The two, both over 60 years old, were taken to the Shuangwang Police Station in Lulong County. They were put in handcuffs and shackles and interrogated for over six hours.

The officers then took the two Falun Gong practitioners to their home and ransacked it. An electronic typewriter, Falun Gong calendars, and other items were confiscated.

Because the couple refused to cooperate, Bai Jie, from the Domestic Security Division in Lulong County, slapped them. Four additional officers took turns hitting the practitioners until their mouths bled.

The couple was also forced to kneel down with their hands handcuffed behind their backs. The handcuffs cut into their wrists.

Mr. Li was released due to high blood pressure after 20 hours in detention. Ms. Pei, a retired doctor, has been held in the Qinhuangdao City Detention Center for two months. Police in Lulong County have submitted Ms. Pei's case to the Procuratorate in Lulong County.