Neighbor's Brother Recovers from Lung and Throat Cancer

I rented a place to stay with a fellow practitioner after my house was demolished in 2007. The nearby residents were poisoned by the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) lies, so they proved to be unfriendly towards Falun Dafa.

The neighbors across from us would scream bad words when they saw Falun Dafa flyers or practitioners. This family was poor and their little grandson and the lady of the house were in bad health. I felt very sorry for them and wanted to save them.

Regardless of how they treated practitioners in the past, I reached out to them and cared about them. I took every opportunity to tell them about Falun Dafa. Gradually, they realized that practitioners were truly kind people, so they changed their attitudes and were friendly. When I went out to talk to people about Dafa, they reminded me to pay attention to my safety.

The neighbor’s brother was diagnosed with lung and laryngeal cancer in 2013. When he could no longer eat or drink, his family began to prepare for his coming death. One morning, my neighbor and her brother came to my door. My neighbor told him, “Your only chance is to learn Falun Dafa from this lady.”

Without delay, I told him Falun Dafa was good and asked him to read Zhuan Falun. I explained that it was important to read the book without any pursuit for personal gain. I also encouraged him to recite “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He replied that he believed Dafa was good and he would follow my suggestions.

In a few months, his cancers were gone and he regained his health. His family and other relatives were very grateful to Dafa for saving his life.

Entrepreneur Recovers from Uterine Cancer

One of my good friends is an entrepreneur and her family members are millionaires. Every time I saw her, I would tell her wonderful cultivation stories concerning Falun Dafa practitioners at home and abroad. After many years, she understood the facts about Falun Dafa and believed the practice to be good.

My friend invested 800,000 yuan in a real estate deal with a developer in 2007. In 2013, the developer colluded with corrupt government offices to break the contract illegally. She sued them and the case went to the Supreme People's Procuratorate.

My friend was already suffering from late-stage uterine cancer when the case went to trial. The court rendered a decision that resulted in her losing the case. After that, she finally understood the CCP's dark side and that it does not uphold justice. She spoke out in the courtroom, saying, “Falun Dafa practitioners are right! The communist party is a rogue regime. It participates in collusions between officials and businessmen to oppress people. The courts and the government are scammers and hooligans! Falun Dafa practitioners are truthful when they tell people the facts!”

My friend called to tell me she had stood up in court and defended Falun Dafa, laying out the Party's complicity in perpetrating wrongdoings. I replied, “You did a very good thing!” As I expected, she fully recovered from uterine cancer in less than a month!