(Minghui.org) Soon after the 2018 edition of the Falun Dafa Exercise Music was published, practitioners began letting others know about it. I heard about it from a practitioner in another city. When I asked what was different about this version, she replied, “Something has been added,” but she wasn't sure exactly what. Another practitioner said that she had the same experience. We all thought that the content was the same, but the audio resolution was higher.

The practitioner who initially told us about the new edition later said, “There's more energy in the music.” To affirm that what she said was correct, she told us she'd heard this from another practitioner.

I checked the Minghui website. Some authors of experience-sharing articles had mentioned that they felt great when they did the exercises with the new music. However, Minghui hadn't published any announcements about additional energy being added.

Master told us,

“Recently, some people have been calling it 'dumping dirty water' when students, after deepening their understanding in their cultivation, speak of their past shortcomings in sharing their experiences. This has completely changed the content of cultivation practice. Cultivation practice is sacred, and it is not something like an everyday person’s self-examination or repentance. Disciples! You should not casually take up a term used or mentioned by everyone. Isn’t this adding something human to Dafa? Last year, after the Beijing assistance center put forward the four phrases, I wrote an article, 'Correction,' specifically for it. It should be taken seriously. Of course, there are still some other improper terms being circulated. You should think about it: If one word is added today and another the day after tomorrow, with the passage of time the next generation of disciples will not be able to tell whose words they are, and gradually Dafa will be changed.” (“Non-Omission in Buddha-Nature,” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Many practitioners aren't sure who first said that the new music had additional energy. Cultivation is very serious. Falun Dafa practitioners should be respectful of the Fa and the exercises. Master has approved the Minghui website, so we should follow the announcements on Minghui when we spread information, not arbitrarily add in our experiences or understandings. We can certainly share our personal experience with others, including what we've seen or how we've felt, as long was we don't add them in when we spread announcements on Minghui, because they can be easily mistaken to be part of those announcements.

By the same token, some practitioners call all the experience sharing articles on the Minghui website “Minghui.” They have mistaken practitioners' personal experience articles as Minghui editorials or opinions approved by Master. Depending on the cultivation level of practitioners, their understandings could be biased or even incorrect understandings of the Fa, since after all, we're all still in the process of eliminating attachments. These articles are published so that we can learn from each other, but it would be wrong to take them as Minghui's views.

Every practitioner has the responsibility to safeguard Dafa. I don't wish to blame anyone, but am merely sharing my thoughts hoping that we can improve together. Please point out anything inappropriate.