(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in July 1996, and have benefited greatly from this cultivation practice.

A stranger approached me as I was walking through a hospital holding the main book of Falun Dafa, Zhuan Falun, in my hands. She asked what I was holding.

I said that it was Zhuan Falun. She wanted to see it, and without asking my permission, she grabbed the book and tried to pull it out of my hands. I did not let go of the book, and it was ripped.

I told her that I would repair the book, and let her read it afterward. She said, “But I want to read it now!” She took the book and said, “Sorry! I can't wait to read the book.” She turned around and left.

I had a thought on my way home, “I don’t even know her, and her behavior was unusual. She probably has a predestined relationship with Falun Dafa.”

I ran into her the next day. She said to me, “Do you think I was being unreasonable? When I saw you yesterday, you were holding a glittering colorful ball. My eyes felt good and my heart opened up. I got curious and wanted to find out what it was. The closer I got, the happier I felt, and my heart lit up. I could not wait to grab the glowing colorful ball. As soon as I touched it, I felt a current flowing through my body. My muscles, bones, blood, limbs, face, and organs were energized, and I was filled with vitality. I did not sleep last night, and finished reading Zhuan Falun. I am not even tired, I feel good, and my illness is gone! I am not going to give you back this precious book. The price tag says it costs 12 renminbi (RMB), so here is 12 RMB for you. I am sure it is easy for you to get another book, and you are helping me out by letting me keep this one!”

I was anxious and told her, “I am not going to take your money, but you must give me back the book. There are three people waiting to read it. You grabbed it from my hand and tore it. I feel terrible because I am being disrespectful to Master Li and Falun Dafa. I can only blame myself for not explaining things. We must treasure the book, wash our hands before reading it, and not let it get dirty or ruin it. Now that you have read it, I want you to return the book. I need to fix it so that I can lend it to others.”

She replied, “I promise I will fix the book,” and put 12 RMB in my pocket. I did not take the money. I told her I would give her a copy as soon as it is published again, and she could pay me then.

She said, “I want this copy now! I am going to take care of the paperwork to get discharged from the hospital. I will then let my family know that my illness is gone, so that they won’t worry about me. I want my whole family to read this precious book.”

She thanked me and said goodbye. I said, “Don’t thank me, thank Master Li! You were destined to be a practitioner. Master purified your body, and that is why your illness is gone!” And we both shed tears of gratitude.