(Minghui.org) I still remember clearly the darkest period of my life. Every day on the way to work, I would clench my fists and tell myself to keep going. As long as I did not get uremia (a symptom of kidney failure), I had to go on. Because if I collapsed, my family would fall apart. So even though my husband was often in a bad mood for being out of a job and yelled at me, I kept going day after day despite my poor health. But I knew death was coming closer and closer, and I did not know how many days I had left.

Fortunately, all of this changed two years ago after I began to practice Falun Dafa. My illnesses disappeared. At age 66, my body changed from being bloated to slim. My skin also turned fair.

When I recently visited the hospital where I used to work, my former colleagues were surprised to see how young and healthy I looked. The president of the hospital asked jokingly if I would stay young forever.

With a smile, I told them my story—from tremendous suffering to the blessing after practicing Falun Dafa – this is what turned my life around.

Pain and Struggling to Survive

I am a doctor, but I also had asthma for 20 years. As far as I knew, there was no cure for it. When the asthma attacks came, I could hardly move and had difficulty getting into bed. I often ended up sitting in a chair next to the bed trying to breathe, a recurring issue that could last for months at a time. Although the bathroom was next to my bedroom, getting there seemed like a thousand-mile journey. I had to stop a few times midway to get there.

I was also taken to the emergency room many times. Because I was given so many steroids, my entire body was swollen. Dysbiosis caused by steroids also led to herpes simplex, something often seen in late-stage cancer patients. As a result, I could not eat for eight days, and I vomited whatever I ate.

When I thought I might feel better, I got shingles. When lying in bed, whether putting on clothes or covering myself with a blanket, it was as if countless thorns were stabbing me. I could not sleep night or day, which led to numerous problems including a nervous breakdown, sinusitis, frozen shoulder, arthritis, and excessive sweating. When listening to electronic devices, I could feel a sharp pain as if a detonator was exploding in my ears. Because of chest pain when I spoke, I chose to communicate with people through gestures, nodding, or shaking my head. In summary, I could not hear or see well, and I basically could not talk. Life was really miserable!

Given my extremely poor immune system and excessive sweating, my family members dared not come near me. They were afraid that anything could trigger my health problems. Thinking how I was once a smart, beautiful, and capable leader at work, and now essentially a pile of useless trash, my tears kept flowing down my face—and even that could not express how sad I was.

Many times I thought of death. Around that time, however, my husband lost his job and my son was still in college. Were I to stay at home, the entire family would have no income. So every day I had to struggle and drag myself to work while suppressing the symptoms with various medicines.

Although I was working at a hospital, I dreaded getting a physical examination. The results always showed that I was in critical condition, and my colleagues would discourage me from coming to work.

After over 20 years of medication, I had chronic bleeding, which could be related to uremia. But I dared not think more about it. Every day I managed to make it through at work despite my lower back pain, and upon arriving at home, my tears would not stop because I could not see any hope.

Dafa Saved My Life

Two years ago, I began to practice Falun Dafa. Master Li saved me from my everlasting misery, and my health was restored. I did not have any pain and felt fine when getting dressed, undressed, or covering myself with a blanket. The asthma, which had bothered me for 20 years, together with sinusitis and dysbiosis, all disappeared.

I was especially afraid of the cold in the past. When other people wore skirts in the summer, I still needed a winter coat. Even in the hottest summer days, I would put on a sweater and a pair of cotton slippers. Even with that I felt both legs were icy cold.

After I started to practice Falun Dafa, cold was no longer a problem, and I was able to sleep well, covering myself with just a bath towel. Whenever I think of my improvement, I am deeply touched, because Master and Falun Dafa have given me so much.

I have also benefited from the practice in other ways. When visiting Beijing last year, I was worried about thieves, and thus used a purse that had a secure zipper. Upon arriving in a park, I found the purse had already been opened by a thief. My cell phone and cash, though, were still in another layer of the purse. I knew they were not taken because Master had protected me.

Dafa Protects My Family

At another time, my grandson came down with a high fever. I was the only one at home and was close to panicking seeing my grandson vomiting and showing signs of a convulsion. I kept reciting “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Not long after that, my grandson had recovered.

During the Chinese New Year, which was several months ago, my brother needed to be taken the emergency room. On the way back home, I was very sad and still thought about this. Before realizing what had happened, I somehow went around the car in front of me and went to its left side. Only one second later, that car suddenly pulled backwards. I was shocked – had I been one second late, the consequences would be horrifying. Master protected me again.

Several days ago, my grandson had constipation and was in tears because of abdominal pain. We tried some external medication, which did not work. As I was in a panic, a practitioner who visited me reminded me of asking Master for help. We went to a spare room and asked Master for help. About 10 minutes later, my grandson was fine.

Dafa not only protects a practitioner, but also their family.