(Minghui.org) A few practitioners in my area passed away. While we are all sad, we should learn some lessons from those incidents so that we can walk well the rest of the journey. I have given some thoughts to the cases of sickness karma that I have seen, and I would like to share my understandings of this issue with everybody.

Pay Attention to Serious Issues

Cultivation is serious. The battle between life and death often unfold when experiencing peace and quiet. In silence, the eyes of thousands of gods are watching and judging every Dafa practitioner during the Fa rectification period. Master and righteous gods have been helping and protecting practitioners who cultivate diligently, whereas the old forces and rotten beings are watching practitioners for any or every loophole they can latch onto.

As the end of the Fa-rectification period is approaching, the old forces do not want to let go of even one transgression. As soon as they find a loophole, they will latch on to it. When persecuting practitioners, they also argue with Master. If we really have loopholes, Master cannot defend us. So, practitioners, who have loopholes that address issues such as lust, respecting Master and the Fa, and money management, are facing a dangerous situation.

Recently, a few practitioners passed away because of their attachments to lust. Master has warned us repeatedly not to make any mistake on this issue. Nowadays, almost every single one who has made such a mistake died, with almost no exception. Nobody can save you if you make such mistakes. So practitioners must be very careful and cultivate away any such issue. There has been so much loss given this problem – we must pay attention to it.

Pay Attention at the Beginning Stage

In many cases, if practitioners had paid enough attention at the beginning stage of the sickness persecution, and corrected themselves, the loss would not have happened. However, due to the slacking off in cultivation, many practitioners lost the opportunity.

A practitioner went to New York in 2015. He had experienced severe persecution in China. He was very diligent after he moved to New York, being involved in all kinds of Dafa projects. However, since he was very busy, he ignored his cough, and mistakenly thought it was karma elimination. He also told other practitioners that he felt tired all the time. But since he looked really strong, fellow practitioners didn't take it seriously, thinking he would recover soon.

Then, he suddenly fell ill. On the last day of his life, practitioners surrounded him, and sent fort righteous thoughts. But, it was too late, and he passed away within five days. He was only 50 years old. The autopsy showed that his lung was necrotic. It was why he kept coughing and had bad breath. Since he didn't pay enough attention to it, the sickness persecution took away his life.

Another practitioner working in the media was trapped in the sickness persecution for a long time. But she didn't communicate with others, so few people knew about it. One day on the way back home, she died in the car. She was only 20 years old. Her father also works in the media, and also suffered from severe sickness karma back then. Nothing is coincidental.

I have seen a few cases like this. Whenever one experiences sickness karma it always starts as seemingly minor problems. At the beginning stage, the problems look trivial, but this period is important. If we take it seriously, ignore everyday affairs, calmly look inward, read the Fa, and do the exercises more often, and intensively send forth righteous thoughts, it would not be difficult to rectify the problems. The key is how seriously do we treat the problems at the beginning stage. Only with a human body can we help Master rectify the Fa and save more people.

Key: Studying the Fa and Cultivating Well

A few days ago, a practitioner called me. His wife has been suffering from the sickness persecution for a long time. She could not eat any food, and vomited when she ate. She lost a lot of weight. It has been longer than a year. The practitioner was very worried, and called many fellow practitioners to help. When I talked to him the third time, I realized the severity of the problem. His wife had been very busy in her everyday work, and did not cultivate diligently.

We talked for a long time. I suggested that he convince his wife to quit her everyday job, put down everything else, and fully devote herself to cultivation. His wife followed the suggestion. She did all five sets of exercises twice a day, the second set for one hour and the fifth set for one-and-a-half hours. Also she memorized the Fa intensively. Her health improved within one week. She has already memorized three lectures. We should learn this lesson—we cannot neglect our cultivation with the reasoning of being too busy with our job or other things.

I also had a similar experience. My mother passed away and my child ran into problems in November 2017. Due to all this, I could not focus on Fa-study and doing the exercises. I was sad and exhausted. Then, I had chest pain, and I lacked energy. I didn't have enough energy to think, and I could not walk up or down stairs. I was very depressed, thinking that I lost all hope, I could not reach consummation, and I might die soon. Later, I recalled Master's teaching and my family's hopes in me—I cannot accept the notion of death, and I must re-energize myself.

I quit work and ignored all daily affairs. I turned off my cellphone and freed myself from the daily pressure. I lived on very little money, which was just enough to maintain the daily life. All I did was read the Fa, the exercises, and send forth righteous thoughts. When my legs got extremely painful during the exercises, I switched to Fa-study; after the Fa-study, I did the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts. I also gradually extended the time of the second and the fifth sets of exercises. Three days later I felt energetic, and my mind became clear. Strong energy circled through my body, and I felt happier. I realized that only when you are filled with energy, can you have the power and the confidence to do what you need to do.

Intensive and continuous Fa-study and exercises have amazing power. The gong and the positive energy you send out can destroy and disintegrate all evil interference. Those who are suffering from the sickness persecution can give it a try. If you really put down everything, many problems will be solved.

Cultivating Well and Protecting Family Members

Many practitioners may have had such experiences. When you are doing well in a Dafa project, or improving your gong level, your family members run into strange troubles or get sick. When it happens, we must be alert. The evil forces often try to get your family members involved. I have seen many such cases. Many practitioners didn't know what happened.

Practitioners have close ties with family members. Not only in this dimension our family members are a strong supports for us, but also in history we have had a close relationship. They also have responsibilities and tasks. They might want to sacrifice themselves, and endure tribulations for you, as well as help you fulfill your oath. So, when we fail to discipline ourselves rigorously, we must keep this in mind—our family members rely on us and they believe in us. Also, we need to pay attention to them. When they start to have trouble, such as sickness, we must understand that it is related to us, and we need to send forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the interference.

Dafa has given every practitioner a lot of capabilities. Master has talked about this many times. Using righteous thoughts, practitioners can dispel a lot of interference. At the beginning of the sickness persecution, it can have a very good effects. We should not always passively endure it.

Attacks on the respiratory system is one of the common tricks that the old forces use. This kind of persecution is different than one's own karma. It often happens at the critical points in one's life, or when a practitioner is engaged in an important project. When you feel itchy, your tracheae maybe blocked, you start to cough, or have a low grade fever, you should try to send forth righteous thoughts to the respiratory system. A few minutes later, you would feel a strong and hot energy current going through your body. You will probably cough harder or sneeze. When that happens, don't stop sending forth righteous thoughts—coughing hard means the righteous energy is fighting against the evil. You should intensify the righteous thoughts, dozens of minutes, an hour, or even longer, until all the evils are eliminated, and you feel better.

I was taken to a labor camp in Beijing in 2011. Many practitioners were jailed together. The evil old forces in the other dimension did not lessen the persecution. Everybody in the cell started to cough, I felt cold, and my tracheae was blocked. Another practitioner reminded me that I should not treat it as karma elimination. I was enlightened, and sent intensive righteous thoughts to clean the entire respiratory system. When others were chatting, we were sending righteous thoughts. Consequently, everybody in the room had a severe fever for one week or so, but I and that practitioner were fine.

Another time I had pus in my ear. It lasted for a year. Later from the Fa-study and talking to other practitioners, I realized that I should not passively endure. So I sent forth righteous thoughts to my ear every day. One time I continuously sent righteous thoughts for an hour. When I walked or drove I also sent forth righteous thoughts. My ear got better and better. One week later it was recovered.

I had many similar experiences. Sending forth righteous thoughts can eliminate simple sickness karma. It never fails.