(Minghui.org) Lust and desire are among the many sentiments in the factors that make up the Three Realms. 

But the old universe is now at the end in the process of formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction, which means that, now, “...the yin and the yang are reversed...” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

The old forces, which view Master's Fa-rectification with the wisdom of the old universe at the destruction stage, have transformed lust into an acceptable modern concept so that people will go along with this idea to create karma and ultimately be destroyed, which is the old forces' goal.

Lust and Desire in Today's Literature and Art

In order to destroy humanity and the arrangements of the Creator, the old forces eloquently promote the concepts of deviated lust and desire in current literary works, movies, TV series, modern dance, pop music, product design, and so on.

Film and television dramas show people falling in love at an early age, abortion, and premarital sex. Promiscuous conduct between men and women is promoted as fashionable, and homosexuality is now commonplace in TV dramas.

Deviant behavior between men and men and women and women is frequently portrayed, modern dancers' movements are overtly suggestive, and song lyrics are often blatantly salacious. These diabolical displays accumulate in the human body.

Emotions Are Deviating

Lust is caused by emotion, and the deviation of emotion leads to the deviation of lust.

The love of some mothers for their sons, or fathers for their daughters, has completely exceeded the boundary of parental love and is more like how one treats a lover.

This kind of deviation is not easy for people to detect. It is caused by the deviation of emotion, which not only harms oneself but also makes the child unhappy in their future married life.

Lust and Desire are Over-Emphasized in Modern Society

Modern society places enormous emphasis on the sex life of a husband and wife and regards one's sex life as the standard for whether or not one is happy. The Chinese divorce rate is rising as a result, and people will even divorce or have affairs when they are quite old.

In China, men in their 40s have begun to shrink physically, and women at a relatively young age have dark skin. They have been poisoned by lust.

Dafa Rectifies People's Minds, Tradition Reshapes Human Nature

As practitioners we should study the Fa teachings more, cultivate our xinxing in accordance with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and actively reject the notions and thinking that do not conform to the Fa. 

Our main consciousness should truly dominate our bodies and cultivate. Some find it very difficult to get through the test of lust in cultivation because they have a lack of understanding and are constantly disturbed.

Most importantly, they do not realize the modern concept of lust is deviant, due to the influence of the old forces.

If one regards the deviated lust as “normal,” one actually recognizes this concept, and, as a result, the material of lust will exist in one's dimensional field.

As the concept becomes more and more recognized, the substance will become stronger and stronger, and it will be difficult to eliminate the attachment to lust.

In traditional culture, the principles that clearly define how people should live and relate to one another are called “conventions.” Elders should be kind to their children and grandchildren, who, in turn, should respect their elders. Adults should not buy into the arrogance of Party culture that interferes with and tries to control the upcoming generations, while children should be taught with compassion and understanding that leads them to reciprocate those values.

Husband and wife should respect and understand each other when it comes to marital relations. Neither should take advantage of the other.

Men and women should pay attention to boundaries in their interactions: there shouldn't be excessive physical contact between members of the same sex. People have physical bodies in this dimension, and excessive physical contact can promote lust.

The ancients would greet each other by holding up their fists and saluting. The act of keeping a distance keeps people virtuous and honorable, so that men are modest and courteous and women graceful and unassuming.

Every time I watched Shen Yun, I saw that the male and female dancers never had excessive physical contact; they never touched each other's hands.

This is the traditional standard of human beings.

We should take the initiative to cultivate our thoughts, no matter how the old forces want to destroy the world's people and cultivators.

As long as we use Dafa to correct ourselves, we can break through the resistance and “...go against the tide!” (“Teaching the Fa in Washington D.C. in 2018”)