(Minghui.org) It’s normal for people to go through birth, aging, illness, and death. Falun Dafa practitioners also go through the same aging process, but it is fundamentally different in that their bodies are being constantly transformed by high energy matter. They thus look younger than those of their age and have more energy. Practitioners in my city who began practicing Dafa in our 50s are now in our 70s.

Diligent Practitioner Passes Away 

One morning in June and only half-awake, I heard a voice whisper in my ear, “Gone, gone.” I was shocked. As soon as I came to my senses, I realized Master was giving me a hint about something. I knew it wasn’t a trivial matter. Nothing is accidental in cultivation. It is an opportunity to improve our xinxing and eliminate attachments. I then thought of Ming. 

Ming, Hai, and I had been studying the Fa and sharing every week. Ming was the same age as I, and Hai two years younger. Other practitioners thought Ming was very diligent in cultivation. He participated in bringing Jiang Zemin to justice, as well as in other truth-clarification activities, Fa-study, and delivering Dafa informational materials out of town. 

I had noticed for nearly a month that Ming had difficulty walking, he was short of breath climbing up only one flight of stairs, and his face was flushed. He had to stop frequently to catch his breath while reading Zhuan Falun. He seemed to have symptoms of high blood pressure and heart issues. 

Ming’s wife passed away a few years ago, so he lived alone. If something happened to him, no one would know. I suddenly felt a sense of urgency to find him. 

I asked Hai to go with me to Ming’s home. We knocked on his door for 10 minutes but no one answered. I could see his electric bike through the window. 

We decided to go to Ming’s son’s workplace. We didn’t know his first name, so the receptionist couldn’t help us. She suggested we go to the police station to make a report. We didn’t know what to do. 

The following day, Hai and I went back to Ming’s home to ask his neighbor if he knew Ming’s son’s first name and phone number. We happened to find one of Ming’s relative’s phone numbers and were able to get in touch with him. The relative then called the son and asked him to go to his father’s home right away. 

When he came and opened the door, we saw Ming lying on the floor, dead.

The three of us carried Ming’s body to his bed. We asked his son to call his relatives and handle the funeral. The neighbors were touched by our determination to find Ming and said we were his true friends. 

What was the reason for his sudden departure? In the past six months, I saw that Ming couldn’t sit more than five minutes in the double-lotus position until his right leg slid down; he couldn’t sit up straight or keep his palm erect while sending forth righteous thoughts; and he was always confused. We pointed these things out to him, but he didn’t seem to take it to heart. We didn’t know what his attachments were.

Truly Improving Xinxing

It is a reminder to all of us when an elderly practitioner suddenly passes away due to symptoms of illness karma or other reasons. We should cultivate ourselves diligently and look inward when conflicts arise. We should stay focused when we study the Fa, as opposed to going through the motions, and do the three things well. Only by wholeheartedly believing in Master and Dafa can Master give us hints and protect us. 

Thinking about my cultivation over the past 20 plus years, I remembered the joy I felt when I first began practicing. My faith in Master and Dafa never wavered, even when I was briefly puzzled when the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) launched the persecution.

CCP culture, which mocks morality and traditional culture while worshipping money, permeates our society today. Driven by my attachment, I went with the flow, got involved in an “investment scheme,” and lost money. It was a scam I truly regretted having participated in. 

My wife died of illness a long time ago. For a while, I thought about getting remarried and dated several female friends. I ended up dating them only briefly because I felt something was holding me back. I thought maybe I shouldn’t think about getting remarried. Wasn’t one’s lust, the pursuit of leisure, and the desire to live an ordinary human life the reasons hidden behind wanting to get married again? These were exactly the attachments I needed to eliminate as a practitioner. 

Dafa cultivation is extremely serious. We should listen to Master and remember that whether something is good or bad, it is an opportunity for us to improve. Master’s law body knows what’s on our minds. I have truly come to feel that one’s energy level depends on one’s xinxing.