(Minghui.org) In mid-December 1994 I was living in Guangzhou when I received a phone call from my sister, who told me the Master of Falun Dafa was coming to Guangzhou to teach and she asked me to buy her 11 tickets.

My husband took me on his motorcycle to the Guangzhou Qigong Association. Falun Dafa tickets were being sold on one side of the door and tickets for another qigong were being sold on the opposite side. I looked at both and asked which one was better. 

Some people said they were about the same. I bought 11 Falun Dafa tickets for my sister and one for myself. 

Fortunate to Have Obtained the Fa, I Will Never Forget Master's Compassionate Salvation

December 21, when Master Li Hongzhi taught Dafa in the Guangzhou Stadium, is a day I will never forget. But on that day my school had scheduled an anniversary ceremony, which no one was allowed to miss. 

If we did, we would not get our 8,000-yuan bonus, which had to be picked up in person. I told my sister about it, and she said, “It's up to you. It depends on whether you are willing to give up that money. But if you cannot make it, please give the ticket to me because there are still many people waiting for one.”

My mother-in-law said she wanted to attend the lectures by taking turns with me. I was a little hesitant, so before the seminar started, I went to the stadium to check it out. Looking down from the overpass, I saw it was packed. I heard that some people had come from far away. They did not have places to stay so they simply slept on the floor in the stadium. I was very touched and thought, “I must not miss this opportunity to hear such an outstanding teaching!”

On the day of the school ceremony, it poured rain so the outdoor performance had to be canceled. I asked the principal for time off, but he refused to approve it. While I was very anxious, someone said, “Just follow your heart.” This woke me up, and I thought, “I'll give up the money.” I resolutely walked out of school. The next day, one of my colleagues told me the whole celebration was canceled. That was a test Master put in place for me. But Master also helped me.

I remember during that time there were many other qigong teachers in Guangzhou. At the time Master was teaching, there was another qigong seminar taking place in a different stadium with many people attending. This is exactly what Master said: “...[they’re there] to see which door you enter.” (“Fa-Teaching Given at the Conference in Sydney”)

I had a long-term stomach problem that made me ill several times a year. On the first day of the Fa teaching, Master began cleansing my body. I kept passing gas and the energy pathways in my body were cleared. I felt very comfortable. After the class, I was in good health and almost floated all the way home. 

Even though it was the middle of winter in December, I was too hot to wear winter clothes and could hardly use my quilt at night. My stomach problem also disappeared. 

When I got up the next morning, I felt an electric shock wherever I put my hands. I also felt there was something in front of my forehead. Twice when I read the book Falun Gong, I saw the characters in the book moving, and there was a colorful aura like a rainbow coming out of the book. I was so happy. I thought, “This is truly a precious book.” So I decided to transcribe it.

Cultivating Dafa brought me joy beyond words. I was so lucky! I am very grateful to Master and grateful for Dafa.

Returning to My Original, True Self and Assisting Master in Rectifying the Fa

I remember the first time I went to the park to look for the Falun Dafa practice site. I saw an old lady carrying a portable tape player, so I asked her about it and it turned out she was a Falun Dafa coordinator on her way to the site. I helped her to carry the recorder. 

Not long after that, she stopped coming, and I naturally took over and became a volunteer coordinator.

As a coordinator, I had to arrive at the practice site early every day to set up the Falun Dafa banner, attend to the tape player for music, teach people the exercises, organize group Fa-study, help to establish family Fa-study groups, and establish new practice sites. 

Sometimes I went to group Fa-study at night and went to work during the day. But I never felt tired. Instead, I felt very fulfilled. At that time, my son was still little. 

Sometimes I took him with me and let him do his homework, while other times he stayed at home alone. When I was busy I returned home very late, and my husband always complained. 

In order to spread Dafa and save sentient beings, I was willing to contribute what I could. Master taught us to live by Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, the highest characteristics of the universe, and to cultivate our xinxing and be a better person. 

At the practice site, some people wanted to pay me, but I would never accept anything. At school, I was praised by the students and received the “honored teacher” award. 

At that time, it was commonplace for teachers to accept money from parents, and I was no exception. After I started to practice Dafa, however, I never took any more money. I also returned what I’d been given before or donated what I could not return. A parent wrote me a thank-you letter and personally brought her daughter to thank me. She said that nowadays it was hard to find a teacher like me. 

At a large Fa-study sharing conference in my city, I shared my cultivation experience. Later, a colleague told me one of her acquaintances had her child apply to our school after listening to my experience sharing. She did this because she saw the school had such a good teacher.

I have been cultivating for more than 20 years, and during this time, I have not used a single penny from my school for medical expenses. At that time, the school posted a ranked list of teachers based on medical expenses every year, and I was always ranked last with zero expense incurred. 

As a result of my changed behavior, some of my students also started to study Falun Dafa.

I am fortunate to have obtained Dafa. Otherwise, I don't know what kind of person I would be. Dafa has changed me and set me on the path of returning to my original, true self.

Resisting the Persecution to Save People

In July 1999, after the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Jiang Zemin initiated the persecution of Falun Dafa, I went to Beijing twice. I was arrested the second time and dismissed by the school for a year. 

Under Jiang Zemin’s policy, which was, “Ruin their reputations, devastate them financially, and eliminate them physically,” the school did not let me teach. 

Instead, they made me do menial tasks and paid me only 500 yuan per month. I was under great pressure, and my students were all too scared to come to my lessons.

In order to clarify the truth to people, I decided to go to a piano studio to teach on my day off. Although I didn’t make much, I could reach out to people to tell them the truth about Dafa.

Every time I took on a new student, I talked about Dafa and the persecution. Some of them quit the Party and its youth organizations after learning the truth. 

The neighborhood committee and my work unit were afraid I would go to Beijing to petition again, so they arranged for a taxi to take me to work every day. In the afternoon, a school vehicle took me home and then 12 people took turns watching me.

From 1999 to 2011, I was illegally detained nine times. I was put into brainwashing sessions, detention centers, prisons, and more. I was out on bail pending trial, my residence was under surveillance, and I was sentenced. In the brainwashing sessions, they tried to force me to “transform” by beating me with metal rods and chairs, and so on, but they did not change my heart for cultivation.

Under Master's compassionate care, and with the help of fellow practitioners, I began to learn how to use the computer to make truth-clarification materials. I distributed the materials on a large scale to save people. I used a variety of methods to reach people, such as mailing letters and talking to them face-to-face. 

However, my family was very worried and tried to stop me. My son threatened me with suicide and my husband threatened me with divorce. Additionally, I also went through serious illness karma. However, none of these things disturbed my mind.

Master has given us such a great Dafa, suffered a lot, and done so much to save us. I must listen to Master and spread the truth widely and save people. I must honor my pledge and complete my sacred mission. Over the past few years, I have been focusing on clarifying the truth face to face. 

The process of telling people the facts is a process of cultivation and xinxing improvement. I have detected many attachments, such as fear, envy, and more. When I notice an attachment, I focus on eliminating it right away.

When I went up to talk to someone in the park one day, I was stunned to see that his face was covered with rash and acne. I hesitated a bit but immediately realized I should not treat anyone differently. I spoke to him and told him the facts about Dafa and the persecution. 

It turned out he was quite agreeable, and we talked for a long time. I gave him a copy of the book The Ultimate Goal of Communism and he quit the Party. If I had been put off by the way he looked and avoided him, he would have lost the chance to be saved.

Now I go out and talk to people every day, whatever the weather. People are waiting to be saved and I must do my best to save them without delay. Now I can get several dozen people to quit the Party every week, and sometimes I can help over 70.

During the past Chinese New Year holiday, I helped more than a hundred people withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I indeed felt the power of compassion. When compassion arises, you will feel everyone is lovely and be willing to talk to them. It makes them sense you are kind and honest, and they are more likely to accept what you tell them. I often met people who thanked me and told me I was an exceptional person, kind, and optimistic.

I also met someone who wanted to kowtow to me.

I know there is much more to do, and I am still far from living up to Master's requirements. Many people are waiting to be saved. I must completely eliminate my attachments and the fear of persecution. 

I warned myself that I must persevere in doing what Dafa disciples should do. I must, with righteous thoughts, strive forward vigorously on the path to divinity under Master's guidance.