(Minghui.org) The 16th China Fahui, delivered via the Minghui website, published 39 experience-sharing articles from November 4 to 11 this year. Our fellow practitioners in China shared their touching experiences of improving their xinxing, by following the Dafa principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, validating the Fa, and exposing the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution. Overseas practitioners have learned a lot from these sharing articles, and are determined to walk their cultivation paths with stronger righteous thoughts and faith.

American Practitioner: Treasuring the Precious Opportunity of Making Collective Improvement

Mr. Song from Michigan State said, “I really enjoy reading the sharing articles each year. I read every single one. It's such a precious opportunity for making collective improvement! Every article this year is a great summary of a fellow practitioner's self-cultivation and validating the Fa. These articles were longer than in prior years, and some had to be published in more than one part. They recount a 20-year journey of resisting the persecution and offering salvation to sentient beings. They recount experiences of being reborn and working miracles under Master Li Hongzhi's care. They are naturally longer but make me want to read more. I didn't feel that they were too lengthy.

“I couldn't tell these fellow practitioners' age, gender, or level of education from their sharing. In other words, if they hadn't specifically mentioned any gynecologic disease from before their cultivation, or written anything about a wife or husband, I couldn't tell. All of them showed the same wisdom, compassion, and urgency to saving sentient beings. Their unconditional assimilation to Dafa validated their realm of cultivation.

“I couldn't help breaking out in tears when reading stories of once-deceived people eventually becoming thankful for Master's salvation, and stories from fellow practitioners letting go of their attachment to life and death to save sentient beings. I'm so happy for our fellow practitioners, and the people they have saved!

“I would also like to thank our fellow practitioners working on Minghui for giving practitioners around the world this great Fahui! Thanks to great compassionate Master! Thanks to our fellow practitioners!”

Young Practitioner in Canada: I Gained Better Understanding of Solid Cultivation

Xiao Xu, a young practitioner from Canada, was impressed that many young fellow practitioners in China had participated in this years' Fahui. He said, “I feel connected to the young practitioners in China through the China Minghui Fahui.

“The article, titled 'Young Practitioner: Growing Up Under Master's Watch' has given me a new understanding of solid cultivation. One facet of solid cultivation is about treating our own cultivation openly and honestly. For example, are we concentrated while studying the Fa? Are we sending forth righteous thoughts with a pure mind? It includes many things that aren't easily accomplished. Sometimes I allow myself to slack off and think I did it all but didn't actually treat everything seriously.”

“We will be influenced by young people of today's society if we don't truly cultivate ourselves. It doesn't happen overnight, but bit by bit, and unknowingly. By the time you realize it, you would have already fallen behind a lot.

“The second point I want to make is that I realize our cultivation levels mainly manifest in little things rather than anything major. I used to wish for participation in large-scale truth-clarification activities, but I have realized that I should pay attention to how I react to everyday issues in my mind.

“Cultivation isn't about what you have done superficially. It's about solidly cultivating yourself while involved in truth-clarification. After reading Chinese fellow practitioners' sharing articles, I found that my most significant problem was my failure to concentrate when studying the Fa. My eyes were on the book and my mouth was reading the words. However, my brain was on many other thoughts before I knew it. I often found my mind was absent and I had to reread the Fa.

“I have identified many shortcomings on my cultivation path through China Fahui. I have come to appreciate my Chinese fellow practitioners and especially enjoyed reading those articles by young practitioners. We live in different countries, but we follow the same principles and improve together until the end.”

American Practitioner: Sharing Helps Me Let Go of Attachments

Mr. Xu in the U.S. told the reporter that he was inspired by the article titled “Improving Mind Nature and Telling People about Falun Gong as a Businessman.” The author of the article, a successful businessman in China, had persistently told his customers, employees, family, and other businessmen the true story of Falun Dafa on a daily basis. 

The practitioner said that from reading the article his understanding was that maintaining righteous thoughts and remaining upright will yield a successful business; otherwise, one might face tribulations. He said, “Practitioners who are running a business have no reference to follow. Rather, they have to act according to the Dafa principles and meet Master's xinxing requirements. Running a business can be tiring and complicated, but we can always cultivate our mind nature. The progress at every step would not be possible without Master’s compassionate help. Falun Dafa and Master have purified me and brought me out of this filthy environment. I am always grateful to Dafa and Master.”

Mr. Xu said he knew that he should let go of the attachment to money, and he had earnestly tried to do so. However, he still wished to make more money, which seemed to be a contradiction. Xu thought the author of this article treated the three things as the main theme and priority in his life, and making money as secondary, so these two things hadn't created any conflicts for the author.

He said, “For a while, money looked strange and foreign, as if it had nothing to do with me. I found this a little odd since I had been making money—working hard to make a profit before practicing Dafa, and continuing doing so afterward although taking it lightly. So why does money look so unfamiliar to me now? It was probably because my mind became pure.”

Mr. Xu thought that being able to transcend the business world in China was a great manifestation of Dafa's power. He realized what a big gap he had with the author. It gave him a strong wish to correct himself according to Dafa's requirements. He deeply appreciates the fellow practitioner's great sharing.

European Practitioner: Strengthened Confidence to Memorize the Fa

Ms. Gu, a practitioner in Europe, said she was humbled and touched by the fellow practitioners' Fahui sharing, which made her see her own shortcomings. She was most impressed with the article titled “Doing the Impossible,” where the author shared her experience of memorizing Zhuan Falun.

The author had a different experience when she decided to memorize the Fa before the 2015 New Year, and said, “I was able to memorize it quickly, but instead of feeling the tranquility as in prior times, I was restless. I could not sit or stand still for any length of time. I kept moving from the bed to the floor. My head felt like it was about to explode. My face was hot. My eyes hurt. I felt miserable from head to toe.”

However, she stayed firm in her belief that Master was helping her. As she made progress, she was able to cleanse bad thoughts from her mind and gain a deeper understanding of the profound Dafa. It also showed how to look inward and find a cultivator's compassion. Her solid cultivation laid a foundation for experiencing Dafa’s miraculous power during the process of rescuing an imprisoned fellow practitioner.

Ms. Gu said that she had tried to memorize Zhuan Falun as well, but eventually gave up due to her busy work schedule. After reading the article, she realized that behind her excuse was an attachment to comfort. Ms. Gu regained her confidence to memorize the Fa by reading this fellow practitioner's sharing.

Practitioner in Taiwan: Fellow Practitioners in China Have Validated the Fa by Following the Principles Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

Taiwanese practitioner Mr. Gong said he saw the indestructible power of compassion in the article “Those Who Lent a Helping Hand During the Persecution.” The author, a practitioner and school teacher, had won understanding and trust from her principals, colleagues, and students by following Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance in her everyday life. She had been imprisoned six times for appealing for justice for Falun Dafa and had fearlessly clarified the true story of Dafa to all the people in detention centers, police stations, and prisons. Her school leaders did their best to protect her. They were blessed by Dafa for their compassionate help.

Mr. Gong said he had often run into sabotages and interference by Communist Party agents when he clarified the facts of Dafa at tourist sites. They were violent. He used to think they were beyond salvation, but after reading this article, Mr. Gong decided to practice Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and awaken people's conscience with the power of compassion.

Ms. Yang Yajuan, a practitioner from Taiwan, said she had read the Fahui articles every year and learned a lot from fellow practitioners. She had recently run into difficulties at work and slacked off on in cultivation, but after reading “Enlightening to the Deeper Meanings of Falun Dafa's Teachings,” she was deeply touched by the author's unselfish help to her fellow practitioner in tribulation, despite her own physical discomfort. 

Ms. Yang said she had felt that she couldn't advance on her cultivation path anymore and had almost given up on herself. She was very touched by the fellow practitioner's words, which reminded her that Master had never given up on practitioners.

Before ending the article, the practitioner in China wrote, “Even when I felt most hopeless, I never felt that Master left me. In the early days of the persecution, I had a dream in which I climbed a mountain. I saw a huge square when I got to the mountaintop. A giant hand as large as the square was in front of me. I felt enveloped by compassion, and enlightened that I was a child who was carefully protected in Master's hands.”