(Minghui.org) We've always had a tradition of making homemade buns and sharing them with our daughter and daughter-in-law. Several days ago, my husband made buns, and I gave some to our neighbors. When my husband found out, he got really angry. 

In fact, my husband has had a history of being easily provoked to anger. Sometimes, he even got aggressive. He didn't watch NTDTV for several years and also refused to read Dafa brochures explaining the facts about the persecution. Our children even started to avoid him. His out-of-control behavior had become ridiculous.

As a Falun Dafa practitioner, I should maintain a good relationship with my neighbors. They have shared a lot of good things with me, and I could not refuse them. I knew their son was picky about food, and he loves our homemade buns. So it was a very normal thing to share the buns with them.

After my husband calmed down, I tried to talk to him. Before I could finish, he was already very agitated and started to fight with me. I didn’t argue with him, but deep inside, I looked down on him: he was so mean and cheap!

He went back to his room after dinner. I thought I should talk to him. I cleaned the table and had a glass of water. Then I walked past his room and purposely made some noise. That made him really angry and he started to shout.

I was very calm and chuckled to myself. I then remembered something mentioned in the booklet The Ultimate Goal of Communism that communism is based on “hatred and struggle.” I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the factors of the communist specter in my husband. 

He all of sudden lay down on the couch and let out a deep sigh. He was going to get mad but somehow maintained his composure. I walked over to him, but he waved his hand and yelled, “Go away! Go away!”

I said, “You don't need to say that. Let's talk calmly. You know our neighbors have given us many things. Do you know how much shampoo costs? Do you know how much detergent costs? Our neighbors also gave us a big dish of cooked pork ribs. You should know they do not have much left for themselves. Why are you mad about four buns? How can you maintain good relationships with others that way?” He was quiet.

“Do you know why you are always mad? It's because it is part of the culture we grew up in. It’s the Communist Party's doctrines of hatred and struggle.” He got defensive, but I knew his reaction was not his true self, it was just a reflection CCP culture.

Before he had a chance to continue, I pointed out, “We grew up in such an evil environment. Let’s look back. You saw everyone as an enemy, including yourself. When you couldn’t remember something, you said you wanted to trash your brain. When you dropped something, you said you wanted to cut off your hand. When you had a hard time walking, you said you wanted to cut off your feet. At the time, you were wearing a pair of shoes that didn’t fit. If you had changed to another pair, you would have felt better. But you were irrational and tore those shoes apart. Do you think that was normal behavior?

“Do you know what I learned from reading The Ultimate Goal of Communism? It can help clear our minds of these evil communist factors. The CCP has been trying to destroy human moral standards and the connection between God and humankind. It has caused people to ignore the persecution. Even worse, some people have even assisted in persecuting Dafa practitioners. That is very dangerous for them!

“I would like to share the audio version of The Ultimate Goal of Communism on this mp3 player with you. Please consider your behavior while you listen to it. It will help clear the evil factors that try to control you.” 

My husband listened to the audio for five hours. He then became a totally different person. He now has a pleasant disposition. My son remarked, “Father has really changed. He is no longer aggressive!”

Thank you, Master! I will cultivate diligently and use my compassion to help you eliminate the CCP's evil specter and offer salvation to more people.