(Minghui.org) Greetings to Revered Master and fellow practitioners! 

Looking back over the past 20 years, my cultivation has been closely connected to browsing the Minghui website every day and producing truth-clarification materials based on the website’s publications. The materials I’ve produced are custom made for our local area. Many people have given us feedback, saying that they enjoy reading the informative and delicate materials we print. 

Starting a Materials Production Site

I worked in a bank in northeastern China. A few days after I learned how to get on Minghui.org, the website published an article about the appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa that took place in Beijing at the Central Appeals Office on April 25, 1999. I quickly printed out the article and, after discussing it with other practitioners, distributed copies to the locals. 

Minghui then published a flier format about the event. Again I printed it out for other practitioners to make copies of and disseminate. That was when I started saving people by making and distributing informational materials. 

A driver at the police station reported me for giving out the fliers, and I was arrested and incarcerated for a month. Two officers tortured me during an interrogation by covering my head with two plastic bags. I refused to tell them anything. One officer held my hands while the other put another plastic bag over my head. 

I began to cry. The tears made the plastic bag stick to my face and the air was completely cut off. 

As I was suffocating and losing my mind, I thought, “Master, I’m not afraid of death, but I can’t die now, because I still have a mission to save people.” 

Master’s Fa appeared in my mind: “You shouldn’t treat me this way, for I’m a Falun Dafa cultivator.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)

I struggled and was able to break away. With Master’s help, I quickly removed the plastic bags from my head. 

The officer struck my head repeatedly, but to my surprise, it didn’t hurt at all. When I asked who’d authorized them to do such terrible things, they told me, “Jiang Zemin (the former Communist Party leader).” They continued to torture and insult me until they got tired.

One of them said, “You’ve got to hate me for what I did to you today.” I told him that I practiced Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, so, no, I didn’t hate him. The other one said that he would continue the torture tomorrow by force-feeding me chili water. 

They never interrogated me again. Before I was released, the chief of political security said, “I didn’t want to hurt you but you always manage to pick a fight. Like a heroine, you never run away from a battle. People will pay tribute to you in the future.” I later learned that the chief told other practitioners that he respected me: “She held onto her belief after such terrible tortures. Amazing!” I knew that I wouldn’t have made it if it wasn’t for Master’s protection. 

A few years later I ran into that chief, who was retired by then. He quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after I clarified the truth to him and he reminded me to stay safe. 

Working with Other Practitioners 

The CCP issued a warrant for my arrest in 2006, so I had to leave home. In the following two years, I rented a house with an elderly practitioner. I turned the place into a materials production site. Other practitioners liked the materials I made and said that the quality and appearance were superb. The demand was huge, and I had two laptops and three printers working constantly. I was so busy that I studied only one lecture a day. 

The elderly practitioner reminded me to study the Fa more. I didn’t want the practitioners who came to us to leave empty-handed, knowing that they had risked their lives to get there. Luckily, another elderly practitioner came to help me. 

The cartridge of the laser printer leaked and stained the paper. I had to stand by and clean the printer constantly to make sure that every copy was clean. One day I stood by the printer until midnight, woke up the two elderly practitioners to send righteous thoughts, printed some more, and listened to the Fa before I went to bed. 

I had a vivid dream. Master stood in front of a big classroom and posed three questions. He called on me and I answered all three. He asked me and two other practitioners to prepare for graduate school and told us that some of the students in the classroom were already graduate students. I then found myself on a large street and saw strips of tofu hanging in the air. I took a closer look at the tofu and saw that they were shiny and transparent. 

I shared my dream with the two elderly practitioners. The three students Master asked to prepare for graduate school were the three of us. Master was encouraging us to keep improving our xinxing

One of them guessed that the tofu signified our materials. “The materials you made staying up late were very useful, like beautiful crystals,” she said to me.

After that day, the laser printer cartridge stopped leaking. We could easily make a thousand pamphlets or 100 copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party each day. 

One of the elderly practitioners’ daughters came to visit and her mother told her that I was wanted. The daughter’s husband was related to the head of the local 610 Office. I was really upset about the elderly practitioner not paying attention to what she said, especially since the apartment was full of printed materials. 

A few days later, the practitioner’s son-in-law came to visit. I was printing truth-clarifying messages on banknotes at the time. He made a comment and I nodded without looking up. I started to have fear after he left. The elderly practitioner said, “If you are afraid, let’s move.” 

In the following days, I spent a lot of time looking within and studying the teachings. 

Master said:

“What I want to tell you is this: You have gone through great trials and hardships to arrive at where you are today. By all means, you shouldn’t let your heart and mind bob about like duckweed, stirred at the first hint of wind.” (“On the Novel The Cosmic Disaster,” The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol III)

“As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts. Even though the old forces do exist, if you don't have those thoughts they can't do anything. When your righteous thoughts are strong enough the old forces can't do a thing.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.,” Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. II)

I let go of my grudge against the elderly practitioner and my suspicion and fear of being reported to the police. I also stopped assuming the worst of others. 

Master said, 

“Qigong practice requires one to value de. In doing the exercises, if you do not think about good things, at least you should not think about bad things. It is best if you do not think about anything.” (Lecture Five, Zhuan Falun)

When the elderly practitioner said again, “Let’s move if you were worried,” I told her that I wasn’t going anywhere. From then on I worked all day, every day, to keep up with the demand for materials. 

I went home but had to leave again because my phone was tapped. I stopped using my phone. Every day I made materials in one place and returned to my residence in the evening. 

A few days later, six local practitioners were arrested. I collected information on their situations, sent it to Minghui, and made fliers to expose the persecution. 

Adding to this tremendous pressure, the practitioner I worked with at the time told me that a neighbor had seen us drying our printouts in the yard. She asked me if I was scared. I told her, “Let’s calm down and look within. Whatever attachment we find, we let it go. We are doing the most righteous thing in the universe. The only thing we have in mind is saving people. Master and the Fa are with us. What is there to be scared of?” 

I convinced myself that I must trust Master and the Fa. I started mass producing materials all day and barely ate or drank a thing until I left in the evening. This continued until I’d made 1,000 pamphlets and 300 DVDs. In the process, as I focused only on the materials and constantly contemplating how to make them better to save people, the notion of fear disappeared. 

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” (Lecture One, Zhuan Falun)

During the two years I was wanted, I spend most of my time at the materials production site. It was a time of solid cultivation. Every day I did the three things with the other practitioners and constantly examined my thoughts to see if they conformed with the Fa principles. My xinxing improved quickly. 

Our Literature Well-liked and Sought After

I was close to retiring and my supervisor let me go home early if I finished my job that day. The police came to find me several times after I left. Eventually, my supervisor got stressed out and turned me in. I wasn’t afraid and, in front of all of my coworkers, I told the police why the persecution was wrong and listed the laws they violated. 

After I went home, a practitioner told me that she wanted to quit making materials and focus on other projects. I tried to talk her out of it but she insisted on quitting. It made me wonder why I had to work so hard on my cultivation, and I blamed her for being selfish and not helping me out. But I quickly changed my mind because I knew the reason that I thought cultivation was hard was because I was validating myself. There are always elements of cultivation in everything that happens. 

Master said,

“One must begin by being a good person. One should always improve xinxing, always suffer hardships, ascend constantly in cultivation, and always seek to improve xinxing, even though one cannot see one’s own gong.” (Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun)

Truth-clarification materials are our firsthand tools to save people and I had to keep producing them. I agreed to take over her work. In one week I made 100 Minghui booklets and took them to practitioners in a Fa-study group. The practitioners there had stopped handing out brochures for years. Some of them didn’t even want to keep flyers in their homes. I shared with them and eventually, we all agreed that, with one million people in the city, it would be more efficient if we let them read the information before clarifying the facts to them face to face. 

They were amazed by the high quality of the booklets and took all 100 copies. The following week I brought them 200 copies and later up to 400. The practitioners who clarified the truth face to face started to take the booklets with them and give them out. They told me that the booklets looked so nice that people almost fought over them. 

I went to another Fa-study group, and they told me to start with 50 copies a week. It gradually increased to hundreds. 

Master also wanted me to help the practitioners in remote mountain areas and arranged for me to meet with them. I brought them 2,000 copies the one time I went and they, after sharing based on the Fa, decided to keep all of them. 

I retired this year and, besides making materials for Fa-study groups at night, I give them out during the day. 

A woman I talked to said that she was a Christian and tried to give me the booklet back to me. I could tell that she wanted it, because when I reached for it, she held it between her arms. I joked, “You don’t want to turn down such a great gift, do you?” She asked, “Would you give me a different issue?” In the end, she quit the CCP's Young Pioneers with her real name. 

“Young man, let me give you a booklet and wish you a great harvest this year,” I said to a man I ran into in a small village. 

He told me that he wasn’t a farmer. “Why don’t I give you a different issue then. Once you understand the truth, you will be in luck,” I said. 

As I reached to take the first booklet back, he said, “I’ll read both of them. My family will want to read them, too.” He saw that I had a different issue and took it from me before I could react. He quit the Young Pioneers and promised me that he would show all of them to his family. 

Master has arranged for people to listen to us clarify the truth and all that we need to do is to move our legs and mouths. No matter how busy I am, I always make sure that I make enough materials of the best quality and with the latest news in a limited amount of time. Master has given me the opportunity to validate the Fa in this way. I must prepare every copy with all due sincerity so that I do not waste other practitioners’ hard-earned money. I want every copy to save someone. 

I’d like to encourage everyone with Master’s words from “To the Fa Conference in Canada:” 

“The old forces, which built up the evil with fire and blood, never intended for Dafa to make it through. By relying on your steadfast conviction, on the sacred vow made when coming to the human world, on the many lifetimes of predestined kinship, and on a rational understanding of Dafa, together with the righteous thoughts given to you by Dafa and the fundamental assurance from the power of the Fa, you have made it through!”

“Everyone, do well what remains to be done, and, with a cultivation process that is without regret, walk toward the future. Hoping all of you will have things you enlighten to and things you accomplish!”