(Minghui.org) Mr. Wang Guibin died in police custody in 2006, 14 days after he was arrested for practicing Falun Gong, a meditation practice persecuted by the Chinese regime since 1999. 

According to a village official who brought his family to see his body, his son was badly beaten when he tried to take a closer look. All they could see from afar was that the body was frozen and there was a big lump on the neck.

Mr. Wang, a resident of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, was arrested on September 1, 2006, and detained in the Shisanli Detention Center. The police claimed that he died at 1 a.m. on September 15.

According to other Falun Gong practitioners who were detained with him at the time, they were given repeated physical exams and had their blood drawn two days before Mr. Wang’s death. Then he was taken away and never returned. They suspect that Mr. Wang was a victim of forced organ harvesting.

Officers from Wanquan Domestic Security Division took Mr. Wang’s wife to the detention center around 7 p.m. on September 15 and told her that her husband had starved to death early that morning. She collapsed.

When Mr. Wang’s son learned his mother had been taken to the detention center, he went there right away.

He asked to take his father’s body home, but the police said, “I can only approve a request to cremate his body. If I let you take his body away, I would be in big trouble.”

On the morning of September 17, the police returned to Mr. Wang’s home and ordered his wife to sign the document to cremate his body. She refused to sign it.

The police went to Mr. Wang’s mother’s home on September 18 and ordered her to sign his cremation document.

In her 80s, his mother was devastated to learn that her son had died. He was her sole caregiver. She kept crying and fainted. Not wanting to be held responsible for her, the police left quickly.

Mr. Wang’s mother had an episode on September 19 and almost died. After she came to, she went to the police station with her family and demanded that Mr. Wang’s body be released to them.

The police promised to let them see Mr. Wang’s body the next day and said they would pay for his funeral and give them an allowance.

As Mr. Wang’s mother and wife hadn’t recovered from the blow of his sudden death, six local Falun Gong practitioners accompanied the family to the funeral home on September 20 to see his body. All six of them were arrested.

Mr. Wang’s mother was later taken to a nursing home. The staff was negligent and left her hands and feet inside a heater to stay warm. She died shortly afterward.

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