(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners held a rally in London in front of the Chinese Embassy on October 1, 2019. They condemned the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for attacking practitioner Liao Qiulan in Hong Kong. They called on the international community to take action to help stop the persecution. 

October 1 rally in front of the Chinese Embassy in London. Participants condemned the CCP’s thugs who attacked Falun Gong practitioner Liao Qiulan in Hong Kong.The driver of a passing car accepts a Falun Gong flyer.

On September 24, 2019, two masked thugs attacked Ms. Liao with a baton that resembled those used by the police. They struck her head repeatedly, leaving her injured and bleeding.

During the rally, Dr. Liu, a representative of the British Falun Dafa Association, condemned the violence and reminded the international community that the CCP has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners for more than 20 years. Practitioners have peacefully protested in front of the embassy for over 17 years.

Ms. Lai a practitioner from Hong Kong, works in London. She condemned the violence and said, “Ever since the CCP took control of Hong Kong, the rule of law has been steadily eroded. Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong have overcome many difficulties and continue to raise awareness of the persecution.”

A woman originally from Hong Kong but who has lived in the UK for more than 10 years stopped and asked what the rally was about. She said, “When I was in Hong Kong, I did not understand Falun Gong practitioners’ efforts to raise awareness about the persecution. These recent incidents in Hong Kong have helped me understand what the CCP is really like. I now understand Falun Gong.” She wept as she spoke.

Ms. Yan was once detained by the CCP for her belief. She addressed the rally and said, “Plainclothes officers barged into my home and kidnapped me and my husband in June 2009. They used all kinds of despicable tactics to try to force us to renounce our belief.”

She thinks that the violence in Hong Kong shows how desperate the CCP has become in its final days. “It's a public show of force and violence that suggests the regime will soon collapse.”

The CCP tortured Ms. Yumei Liu in more than 30 different ways attempting to pressure her to give up her spiritual belief, Falun Gong.

Yumei Liu was subjected to more than 30 methods of torture in China for her belief in Falun Gong. She said, “The CCP is desperate. The violence in Hong Kong suggests that the CCP will soon fall apart.”

Richard, a Chinese man from Singapore, was sightseeing in London when he noticed the rally. He paused to listen and took several photos. He said that he knew about the persecution of Falun Gong and had signed a petition in Singapore.

He said he was very concerned about the recent attack on the practitioner in Hong Kong. He said that, as a Chinese, he knew that the CCP has been destroying China's traditional culture. He thought that the recent verdict delivered by the independent China Tribunal regarding the CCP’s state-sanctioned live organ harvesting was crucial in convincing people that the CCP is a criminal regime.

Richard said, “Now everyone knows this. The key is how to stop it. The more people that know the CCP’s true nature, the better. I know that many countries are considering how to boycott the CCP.”

He hopes that more Chinese people understand why Falun Gong practitioners raise awareness and that there are changes within China. He believes that justice will prevail.

John (right) was appalled to learn about the persecution. He encouraged the practitioners to continue raising awareness.

John, a student in London, saw Falun Gong practitioners in Chinatown. He listened to practitioners speak for more than an hour at the rally. He was very touched and wanted to learn more about Falun Gong. “This is a very serious fact,” he said of the attack in Hong Kong.

After the rally, John was introduced to practitioner Yumei Liu. Through a translator, Ms. Liu described her suffering during multiple detentions for her belief. She said that several of her friends were tortured to death in China for their belief.

After listening to Ms. Liu, John was appalled and said, “She is outstanding. It's hard to imagine that she experienced so much.” He encouraged the practitioners to continue raising awareness and protesting the persecution.

“What you're doing is very important,” John said. He said he would learn more about Falun Gong on the Internet after going home.

Falun Gong practitioners’ 24-hour non-stop peaceful protest in front of the Chinese Embassy has lasted for 17 years.