(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners from the telephone truth-clarification platform organized a large-scale activity to talk to Chinese officials who have been involved in persecuting practitioners (“Special Cases”) in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. 

Before we began, I planned to read Master’s article, “The Ultimate Objective of Clarifying the Truth.” However, the article didn’t show up when I clicked on it, but instead an article entitled, “Looking Inward During Truth-Clarification.” I tried a few times, but each time the same article came up. I enlightened that Master was giving me a hint. 

I read the following part, “Nothing accidental occurs in one’s truth-clarification. I should cultivate myself well on the Fa in order to save people. It's just like a teacher giving a lecture. Only when one thoroughly knows the contents of one’s textbooks, as well as the level of one’s students, can one use the proper approach in teaching. Then one's teaching is very effective. As a practitioner, one has to know the Fa principles well, use the Fa to guide oneself, understand the Fa on the Fa in everything one does, so that one displays wisdom in truth-clarification. Master’s law body as well as righteous gods will give us the wisdom to say the right thing.”

I took some time to study the reference materials. I also looked at Minghui and other truth-clarification websites to collect more background information. During the first two days we phoned the court system. They had certain settings to prevent our calls from coming through. Only after we tried multiple ways were some of our phone calls able to get through. I was able to talk to a man who was a court supervisor. 

He was silent at first. Finally, after I mentioned that many high officials from Wuhan City were being investigated, he began to talk. He asked which officials were being investigated internationally. I told him they were secretaries of the Political and Legal Affairs Committees, deputy secretaries of the provincial Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and committees who were also in charge of the 610 Office. I read him the list of names. 

He became a bit agitated. It seemed that many people he knew were on the list. He also realized that I understood the situation. So he quietly listened to everything I had to say. He also asked me to confirm the website address for breaking through the Internet blockade. 

He was very happy to have the link. I asked him to take a screenshot or a photo and pass it on to his relatives and friends. I also asked him to hurry and tell everyone what I told him. I also asked if he could help free practitioners who were being held by the police. He agreed.

On the third day the person who answered the phone was the secretary of the CCP Discipline Committee of the police department. He didn’t deny who he was. He became nervous, however, when I mentioned that right before July 20, 2019, U.S. practitioners had submitted the first list of human rights violators who were involved in persecuting Falun Dafa. At that point he said that I dialed the wrong number. 

I said to him, “I'm Chinese. The reason I'm telling you all this is to help you. Hurry and do the right thing, all right? ” He continued listening to me for more than ten minutes. 

I was also able to contact the deputy secretary of the Discipline Committee of the Fire Department. A young woman answered the phone. After she listened for a while, she told me that she had taken down my number, and if I called her again, she would report me to the police. I wasn’t moved and continued phoning people. 

This time, a young man picked up the phone. He didn’t say anything, but listened quietly. I told him that many people throughout the world knew about the live organ harvesting, and that some university students in Wuhan City had suddenly disappeared. I continued talking for more than 20 minutes. It was almost time to send forth righteous thoughts, so I asked him to look online for more information. When he had no more questions for me, I asked him if he wanted to listen to some recordings. I said that he could use his cell phone to record them, and then he could share them with his relatives and friends. 

After I played a recording for him, he suddenly said that he preferred to talk to me. He wanted to ask some questions. I felt that perhaps I hadn’t answered his questions thoroughly. He hung up the phone before I was able to add something. When I called back, his line was busy. 

While making truth-clarification phone calls, I've realized that when I'm calm and peaceful, the effect is good. When I have a fighting mentality, my phone calls don’t go through. Sometimes when they go through, the other party swears at me. 

I should eliminate my mentality of “hatred,” as the CCP is composed of hatred and rotten substances. When I developed attachments of fame and self-interest, the person I phoned would ask for money. When I had attachment to lust, the other party would spit out dirty words. Every situation that occurs in one’s truth-clarification is not accidental. 

Master said: 

“One person’s ordinary energy can’t exert influence over another’s.” (The Seventh Talk, Zhuan Falun)

Only by cultivating well and eliminating my attachments can I save sentient beings. 

Please point out anything inappropriate. Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners.