(Minghui.org) What Master taught us is the great Fa of the universe, which created all beings. We are the particles of Dafa. Who can persecute us? If we don't have human notions, our mind is filled with the Fa, and we believe 100% in Master and the Fa – who is able to persecute us? After this thought entered my mind, I realized that righteous thoughts are needed to face everything I run into, and deny the persecution with righteous thoughts.

Deny the Persecution from Everyday People

At the beginning of the persecution, I didn't understand what the old forces were. I only thought that the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was horrible, and I hated the people who persecuted us. I thought that the persecution was the brainchild of everyday people. After intensive Fa study, I understood that the persecution was imposed on us by the old forces.

I was arrested twice before 2005. My mind was filled with negative thoughts, and I didn't know about denying the old forces and their arrangements. Those thoughts caused the persecution I encountered. At that time, I thought that I didn't hold fear, and that I had a strong sense of righteousness for a just cause. Then, I realized that my thought was individualistic heroism, arisen from the indoctrination by the CCP, and I was merely validating myself with human notions.

Because of my attachment to myself and human notions, my cultivation was difficult and exhausting. Actually, I was walking on the path arranged by the old forces.

Later I realized that our cultivation has nothing to do with the old forces. I do not acknowledge the old forces or this persecution. I used to hate those who have been involved in the persecution. I thought they were bad people helping the evil forces, and I treated them with a competitive mind. However, after I read Master's poem I changed.

Master said,

“With righteous thoughts and righteous actions; He is diligent without letting up; Eliminating demons that damage the Fa; He is good to all beings.” {“A Righteous God”, Hong Yin II, Translation Version A)

I started to look inward, sent forth righteous thoughts more often to eliminate anything that was evil, and treated people around me with compassion.

After I retired in 2010, the chief of the retired employees department at my workplace invited me to dinner. He was trying to get me to quit practicing Falun Dafa, using friendship and qing. He said: “Sister, you know that I am just the interim chief. I hope you can support me on this job,” implying that I should not cause him trouble so that he would be promoted to be the official chief.

“I practice the Buddha Fa,” I said, “which teaches people to be good. All I will bring to you is blessing, no trouble.” I clarified the truth about Falun Dafa and he agreed with me.

Whenever the 610 Office and policemen asked him to monitor me, he always defended me. He told them that I was a good person, and should not be monitored. Later, he was promoted to the official chief. One day I ran into him, and asked him if what I said was true. He gave me thumbs-up.

Using My Family Members as Pawns

The old forces created the delusion of sickness in 2001, and persecuted my father, who was a fellow practitioner. Back then we didn't know about denying the old forces, so we acknowledged the delusion. My father passed away.

Later, I heard a voice in my dream that said another family member of mine will die too, referring to my mother. I woke up and sent forth righteous thoughts: “I don't acknowledge the old forces, and they cannot make arrangements for me. I need to disintegrate the persecution targeting my mother.”

I told my mother about this, and she also sent forth righteous thoughts. Due to our strong righteous thoughts, the persecution failed.

However, 10 years later, both I and my mother slacked off on sending forth righteous thoughts. The old forces created a barrier between me and her. We had conflicts and complained about each other. She said her life was too difficult, and she didn't want to live. I didn't want to take care of her either. The old forces took advantage of our loopholes. She passed away.

The old forces also persecuted my daughter, also a practitioner. She had slacked off in cultivation for a long time, and I didn't help her. Before she got married, she went to a fortune teller asking about her future marriage. The old forces took advantage of the loophole, and used her marriage to stop her from cultivating.

I, on the other hand, could not put down the attachment to her. I often complained about my son-in-law, and felt horrible whenever I thought of his behavior. Although I studied the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts, and looked inward every day, there was no use. Sometimes I even thought about her and him when reading the Fa, and was not able to calmly read.

When I turned on the computer one day, a few words showed up on the monitor: “deny the old forces.” I knew it was a hint from Master, and I realized that it was the old forces that used my daughter's marriage to persecute her, and strengthen my attachments to her.

Master said that we should not acknowledge the persecution, so I sent forth righteous thoughts immediately to disintegrate the persecution that the old forces created, using her marriage, and my attachments. Almost right away, I felt relaxed. I felt strong power in my righteous thoughts. The notions and attachments disintegrated right away. I was no longer worried about her marriage, or complained about my son-in-law. I was able to read the Fa calmly. Because of my righteous thoughts, my daughter returned to practice Dafa.

Master said:

“Your practice will have a good chance of success if you can disregard any supposed Buddha, Daoist deity, divinity, or fiend that tries to tempt you.” (The Sixth talk, Zhuan Falun)

So, I must measure everything I encounter against the Fa, read the Fa more often, and enlighten to the higher-level truths of the Fa. If so, I will be able to disintegrate all the interference and persecution. No dream, notion, or words by somebody would move my heart, nor would I trust those things. I only follow Dafa.

Disintegrating the Interference from the Demon of Lust

The old forces impose the test of lust on practitioners. For a few years, I experienced interference from the demon of lust. I thought that I never had attachment to lust, and I should not have the test of lust. But I had trouble passing the test in dreams. I intensively sent forth righteous thoughts for a while, and then the situation improved. But, one day I work up from a dirty dream. I sat up and asked Master for help. I said: “Master, I only follow the path you arranged for me. The dirty thought was not me. It was the persecution from the old forces, and the rotten demons. I won't follow their arrangement.” I kept sending forth righteous thoughts. The demon of lust was completely eliminated. From then on, there was no more interference in my dreams.

Disintegrate the Financial Persecution

At the beginning of the persecution, I didn't have a clear understanding of the financial persecution. As a practitioner, I should put down the attachments to fame and money, I didn't fight for the awards in my workplace. Because I refused to renounce practicing, the workplace revoked my position as the “principle investigator” in my laboratory. My annual income was reduced by 10,000 yuan. I was not moved. Later, they revoked another award for two years.

As the persecution worsened, the evil tried to threaten my workplace with the institutional award. We were told by the provincial 610 Office that if there is any faculty member practicing Falun Dafa, then the workplace would not get the institutional award, and individual faculty would not get the corresponding award either. Obviously, the evil tried to sow hatred towards Falun Dafa practitioners.

I saw through their trick, and started to clarify the truth to my co-workers. Meanwhile I intensively sent forth righteous thoughts. Soon, the evil was disintegrated. Not only my workplace got the institutional award, but I also was given the award.

Deny the Delusion of Sickness

Once I had stomach pain. I didn't pay much attention to it, nor did I send forth righteous thoughts. Later the pain worsened, and my sending forth righteous thoughts was not effective. Looking inward didn't help either. The pain lasted for more than six months, and worsened. I had constipation, which interfered with my efforts to clarify the truth.

I realized that the situation got to this point because I didn't deny the old forces, and send forth righteous right after it first happened. Back then I thought it was the sickness karma, and I didn't immediately disintegrate the interference, which means that I acknowledged the persecution.

Enlightened to this, I started to send forth righteous thoughts intensively. With Master's help, the sickness delusion was soon gone.

From then on, whenever I experienced a sickness delusion, I denied it immediately and the delusion soon disappeared. For minor uncomfortable feelings, I would tell myself that it was a good thing. It was Master purifying my body, and helping me increase my gong.

My body is made of high energy substance, and every cell is full of gong. Nothing bad can interfere with me. With those thoughts, I can face any change in my body calmly. I also look inward, and rectify every thought that does not fit Dafa's criteria. Sometimes I could not find my own attachment, which interfered with my cultivation. In those cases, I asked Master for hints. Every time, benevolent Master helped me, and I smoothly passed every test.

On the 20 year long journey of the peaceful resistance against the persecution, what we have relied on is the solid belief in Master and the Fa. In the process of cultivation, we study the Fa while looking inward and denying the old forces. I believe that nothing in the human world can move us, because everything here is delusion, which is used by the old forces to confuse us. When we awaken, the delusion will disappear. With Master and the Fa, nothing can stop us on the way back to our true self, as long as we cultivate ourselves following the Fa.