(Minghui.org) Master Li Hongzhi said:

“Dafa disciples are humankind's only hope for salvation.” (“To the Fa Conference of Europe”)

A Retired Military Officer Gets a Second Chance to Learn the Truth

While working with Ying (alias) to tell people about the persecution of Falun Dafa, we ran into a retired cadre. He joined the People’s Liberation Army when he was 18. He listened to us attentively. But in the end, he said, “I believe in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). In fact, I have surrendered my life to the CCP.” He didn’t accept anything we said.

We were very disappointed. He seemed to be an upright person, yet we couldn’t offer him salvation. When we shared our experience with other practitioners, we realized that he had been poisoned by the CCP's atheist indoctrination. We also overlooked sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate any interfering factors that may have blocked him from learning the truth.

A few days later, we ran into him again. After exchanging greetings, I said, “We must have a great predestined relationship, since we are meeting again!” He nodded in agreement. We told him that we wanted to chat more and hear his opinion. He thought for a moment, then said, “I basically agreed with what you said last time. I am a soldier, however, and it is my duty to obey orders. From when I joined the army until I retired, I have followed this rule and have never gone against the orders of my superiors.”

I mentioned that the soldiers who guarded the Berlin Wall followed orders to shoot people who attempted to climb over the wall to escape, but they were later sentenced for murder. I pointed out, “It's possible a soldier in that situation could have followed his conscience not to harm innocent people. All in all, it depends on what kind of order he was given and how he executed the order. Because as human beings, we also have to be humane.”

I asked him, “Jiang Zemin was the former head of the CCP who ordered officers to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners who were just trying to live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Would you carry out such an order?”

He shook his head: “That’s ridiculous!”

Then Ying asked him: “Jiang Zemin also gave the order to murder practitioners on demand for the sale of their organs. Would you carry out such an order?”

He shook his head again.

He came to understand the true situation and took the opportunity to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

A Man Who Wanted to Report Us Quits the CCP

We ran into all kinds of people while clarifying the truth. Once we encountered a man who, as soon as we started talking, began to threaten us: “Shut up or I’ll call the police!” He pulled out his cell phone, but we were not afraid and remained calm and compassionate.

He then calmed down and asked us, “Wouldn’t you be scared if I were to report you?” We both smiled, and I replied, “Not at all. We are not afraid of going to a detention center or forced labor camp, or being charged with a crime. We only want to save you. That’s all that matters.” He was touched by our response.

We explained that divine law dictates that good deeds are rewarded and evil ones are punished. We also told him the facts about the persecution of Dafa and what it means to cultivate virtue. Afterward, he agreed to withdraw his membership in the CCP.

Reaching Out to Save a Few Dozen People

Ying is a very diligent practitioner, and the only thing on her mind is saving people. One day, after we had already returned home, she heard that there were quite a few workers doing landscaping in the nearby park. She stopped preparing dinner and went out to the park.

She greeted everyone enthusiastically and said, “You work so hard and have made our park look great. I truly appreciate it!” Then she began talking to the workers one by one and helped them withdraw their memberships in the CCP. Her effort was going well until she ran into someone who refused to listen and kept shouting, “I am a faithful CCP member.” He also cursed at her.

Ying was not moved and continued to clarify the facts to the others. When she was about to finish, this person walked up to her and apologized: “Sister, please don’t get mad at me. I’m so sorry. I didn’t hear what you were saying. I joined the Party when I was only 16 years old and didn’t know how many crimes it has committed. I’m so sorry for my reaction to you.”

Ying replied, “I wasn’t upset at you for cursing at me. When I asked you to quit the CCP, it was for your benefit. When you truly make up your mind to act on your conscience, this will benefit you, your family, and future generations.” Then Ying talked to him in more detail about the significance of quitting the CCP.

He understood and decided to quit the Party. He added, “I will for sure remember that Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!”

Another group of workers came to the park the next day. Ying and a few other practitioners returned to talk to them as well. In two days, they managed to clarify the facts to a few dozen people. Ying exclaimed, “Master Li has arranged for us to meet people with whom we have predestined relationships. If I didn’t do my part well, I would have let Master down!”