(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa has touched my heart, and I have been greatly encouraged by my cultivation experiences. I now truly believe there is a God. I previously knew nothing about Falun Dafa and had never heard that its practitioners were tortured in China. 

I went on a Caribbean cruise with my husband and son for seven days in April 2011. On the last day, I participated in an ice skating program with my husband and took a bad fall. My ankles were seriously injured, and I could not walk. I was given emergency treatment on the ship but had to use a wheelchair and two canes upon our return home.

My husband had to travel for business after we returned, so I had to take care of our five-year-old son and do the housework, which was very difficult. I could not go anywhere and, at times, had nothing to do but browse the Internet. I saw a New Tang Dynasty TV show titled “Chinese Bans News.” I became very interested and saw there was a link to another website. It took me to Falun Dafa's website (falundafa.org) offering translations in many languages. I browsed it and clicked on the music file called “PuDu.”

Unaware of what I was doing, I crossed my legs as I listened to the music and noticed I did not feel any pain. I was inexplicably tearing up and excited. I did not know why I was crying then. (Later, as I studied the teachings, I realized that it was because another side of me knew that I had finally found Dafa after numerous lifetimes and numerous tribulations.) No words can describe that feeling.

I truly experienced Dafa's miraculous power and Master Li Hongzhi's great compassion. My legs were crossed for 20 minutes while listening to “PuDu.” My ankles recovered soon afterward. I did not even need to use the canes and could walk naturally. I had been to physical therapists and massage therapists but without any real benefit. Now, in just 20 minutes, my feet and ankles had recovered.

I was very surprised that I had recovered. I then browsed the Falun Dafa website and saw a link to the book Zhuan Falun. I read all through the night to finish it.

I also experienced serious illness karma that same night. The pain I felt made it seem like my ankle injury was returning. It was excruciating! But I had one righteous thought: “I will be all right tomorrow.” And, truly, I was fine the next day. It seemed as if I’d never had any pain. Additionally, I strongly sensed a Falun (law wheel) rotating rapidly in my lower abdominal area. That was miraculous! I could not control the tears rolling down my face.

I continued to watch the video teaching the five exercises. When I practiced the exercises, my hands were truly moving automatically, according to the mechanisms. When I started to do the fifth exercise, I had such a beautiful feeling of harmony, as if I were floating. I was overflowing with gratitude!

During the first week of my practicing the exercises, I passed a dark, viscous substance. Afterward, I felt so relaxed.

Even more miraculous was that all my old ailments vanished, including hyperplasia of my cervical spine, spinal disease, a herniated lumbar disc, headaches, painful menstruation, chronic gastritis, breast hyperplasia, and throat infections. I have been healthy and happy ever since.

I have been studying the Fa teachings very diligently. Gradually, I eliminated my fears and selfish attachments. I also got rid of attachments to fame, jealousy, and being aggressive. I became very calm and positive. My family and friends all witnessed the changes in me.

In practicing Falun Dafa, I learned how to be a good person and how to cultivate myself. Before I practiced, I had a really bad temper. If someone pointed out a mistake, I got really mad and usually argued about it. Now, I am completely different. Even if someone curses or shouts at me, I no longer get mad or retaliate.

My family and friends have said that I have completely changed. In the past, my own self-interests were the top priority, and I expected to be rewarded if I did something for anyone else. I also got very excited whenever I completed something successfully. Now, I am strict with myself about following Dafa's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. I look inward when there is a conflict or issue and don't fight about who is right or wrong. I am full of joy!

I really appreciate Master's salvation and vow to continue to cultivate more diligently! Heshi!