(Minghui.org) During the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) brutal persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners over the last 20 years, the police have been used as tools to carry out its policy of persecution. Falun Dafa practitioners have opened their hearts to offer police officers the opportunity to understand the truth about Dafa so that they can do the right thing and have a better future. 

The following practitioner got rid of her fear and resentment and compassionately clarified the truth to the police in her area.

Sensing Their Kindness, I Feel Compassion for the Police

My husband, a Falun Dafa practitioner, was arrested seven or eight years ago. Since I also practice Dafa, I was wanted by the police at that time, too. After three days of intensive Fa study, I calmed down and decided to go to the police station to request my husband’s release. 

When I got to the station and told them my name, the director and other officers were shocked. They did not expect me to go there myself. They showed me the warrant for my arrest. I calmly explained to them the truth about Dafa and told them of the persecution that my family has suffered over the past few years. As I did, the director sometimes screamed at me and at times quietly thought it over. I could tell there was kindness in his heart. 

He later asked me, “Can we search your home?” I said they could. Around the time my husband was arrested, the police tried three times to enter my home to ransack it, but they never succeeded. The director was pleased with my answer and said, “You have moved all your stuff, right?” I didn't answer. 

Two police officers followed me home and looked around. They said, “We don't want to search your home this time.” Then they left. I was sincerely grateful for Master Li's protection. 

One night, I was sending forth righteous thoughts in the middle of the night, when tears started streaming down my face. It was not for my detained husband but for those police officers who still possess kindness. I met many police officers during the process of rescuing my husband. The CCP's slandering of Dafa has brainwashed them. They carried out the persecution, yet they still had sympathy for practitioners. I felt sorry for them and feared for their future. 

My husband was released after being held over 30 days. 

Looking Within and Changing My Behavior to Save an Officer

Four years ago my husband was detained again for submitting his lawsuit against Jiang Zemin, who launched the persecution of Falun Dafa. The police arrested my husband and ransacked our home. I refused to cooperate with them during the raid. The officer, who was later in charge of my husband's case, said many things that were disrespectful to Dafa. I was disgusted with him. 

Later, I heard that this officer put up 200 yuan of his own money for my husband’s allowance in the detention center. I wanted to repay him so I went to meet him in the yard of the station. 

He turned his head and didn't look at me. I greeted him and said, “Although you arrested my husband, a good person, you put your own money into his account. I want to thank you and pay you back.”

He said awkwardly, “Oh, paying back the money.” He seemed more relaxed. Then he said, “Leave your phone on in case someone calls you about bailing out your husband. You print books and print messages about Falun Dafa on paper currency. You spend all your money on that, right?”

He must have seen some book covers I made and a stack of small bills with Falun Dafa information during the ransacking. My home was relatively bare but clean. He must have noticed that our life was quite simple. 

I left the police station and started to cry. I could not stop my tears. Yes, I thought he was evil. But it was all because we did not do well, and the old forces took advantage of our loopholes and made those officers, who are kind, commit those crimes. I didn't do much to help them! I wondered how else I could save them. 

I sent that officer a long text message later and hoped he could understand us better. I remember one sentence in the message: “Although I hope very much that my child's father can come home soon, my only request is that he be unconditionally released. It is because faith is not a crime; rather, it is a citizen's right. Suing Jiang is also a citizen's legal right.” My husband came home 30 days later. 

Compassion Dissolved Their Plans to Persecute

Two years ago, I got a phone call from the police. I did not answer it because I was working. So I thought we should go to the police station that night to meet with them to further clarify the truth to them about Dafa. 

That evening, my husband, my child, and I went to the police station. We talked with an officer for about three hours. My child fell asleep at around 10:00 p.m., then we decided to leave. But I felt the officer seemed to be waiting for something and did not want us to go. But we left, and he accompanied us to the gate. 

The next day, I learned from our neighbors that many police officers had been wandering around downstairs at my apartment building for several days. They planned to arrest my husband. I recalled that last night I had wondered why so many police officers, including the director, were still at work. The officer who was talking to us must have been waiting for the order to arrest us. 

So that next night we went back to the police station to clarify the truth about Dafa to that police officer with compassion. We did not think about the risks we might be facing. Instead, we were unselfish. This compassionate behavior dissolved whatever persecution efforts were being considered. 

Taking the Initiative to Reach Out to an Officer 

Last year, I gave a police officer a copy of the book The Ultimate Purpose of Communism. He was scared. My husband said to him calmly, “This is for you personally,” and I added, “Many senior officials are looking for this book.”

Last month, I watched a video about the stories of students from Tsinghua Unversity who practiced Falun Dafa. I was deeply touched and cried. I thought of giving the DVD to the police officer when I saw him next time. The next day he called and said that he had to meet with me in person. I started to worry, but then I remembered that I wanted to give him the DVD, and so I should see him. I spent some time studying the Fa, and then the fear and thoughts of self-protection were gone. 

I said to myself, “You have to seize every opportunity to help these police officers.” So I went to see him. This time, he accepted my gift with no problem, and the new staff of the neighborhood committee did also. 

After so many years, I have just now realized the meaning of Master’s poem: 

“Awareness of Dafa is spreading to each houseLives are rescued, minds gradually awakenedWaking, police and citizens cease to obstruct”(“Glimpses of Goodness” in Hong Yin III)