Dafa Disciples Are Fulfilling Their Missions

Dafa disciples attending the Fa conference in Australia: Greetings everyone!

Currently, it can be seen that the disinformation propaganda and the negative influence brought by the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to the whole world when the persecution of Dafa disciples had just started have now been completely shattered—the CCP’s lies are shattered and order is restored from chaos—by Dafa disciples around the world using various means, including truth-clarification activities such as establishing your own media and websites, which includes interacting with governments of various nations. This has allowed governments and people around the world to understand the kindness and wonderfulness of Dafa and Dafa disciples while at the same time letting the whole world know the evil CCP’s anti-humanity criminal nature and repulsive rogue actions—the situation has been turned around. What deserves to be congratulated the most is that while truth-clarification is being carried out, a great many people in the world are being saved, and a great many Chinese people have quit the evil Party's organizations, and they now have hope.

Of course, all of this could be achieved only by Dafa and Dafa disciples. Therefore, in order to be able to do even better, studying the Fa well is the only way for you to do better and complete this historic mission.

Finally, I wish the Fa conference success!

Your Master,
Li Hongzhi
October 13, 2019