Dafa Disciples Are Fulfilling Their Missions

October 13, 2019

My greetings to all Dafa disciples attending the Fa conference in Australia!

As things now stand, Dafa disciples all around the world have thoroughly ruptured the lies and distortions that the wicked Chinese Communist Party used to persecute us in its global propaganda attempts, countered their negative influence, and straightened out the mess that they had made. Disciples have accomplished this through a variety of means, including launching media, starting up websites, and doing things to make the truth known, such as government outreach. All of this has helped governments and people around the world to see the kind and beautiful nature of Dafa and its practitioners, and at the same time allowed people everywhere to learn of the CCP’s crimes against humanity and its vile, roguish, and reprehensible behavior. And all of this has turned things around. What I really should congratulate you for, is the fact that your efforts to get the truth out have allowed a great quantity of people around the world to be saved, and that great numbers in China have quit the three main communist organizations there and so there is hope for them now.

Of course, only Dafa and Dafa disciples could achieve all of this. So if you wish to do still better, then study the Fa well, for only this makes it possible and only this will allow you to complete your historic missions.

I’ll end by wishing your Fa conference success!

Your Teacher,
Hongzhi Li