(Minghui.org) Over the past several months, Falun Gong practitioners have submitted lists with the names of persecutors to Western governments to support sanctions against these human rights violators who are domiciled in China. One list was submitted to the United States State Department in July 2019, and additional lists were submitted in September to the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Australian governments.

Tan Xiangqian is a former officer employed by the Baimalong Women’s Labor Camp in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province. Before the labor camp was disbanded, he was head of the Special Police Division, and was the lead of officers in the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. To force practitioners to renounce their belief, Tan and his subordinates tortured them with dozens of different torture methods. Within the several years under the lead of Tan, about 100 practitioners were injured, disabled, or even lost their lives.

For example, Tan instructed Pan Xiangdong, deputy division manager, and six other officers to torture 42-year-old Ms. Hu Yuehui in 2001. They beat her viciously and shocked her entire body with electric batons, even the eyelids and eyebrows. This continued until midnight, when inmates dragged Ms. Hu, who already lost consciousness, back to the cell. After inmates carried her to a bed and a female inmate helped her get undressed, the inmate found that Ms. Hu's inner clothes and underwear were stuck to her body because of dried blood. The inmate had to use scissors to cut off the clothes. Then, she found Ms. Hu's entire body was bloody from bruises, especially her lower body. Even the cruelest drug addicts in the cell were in tears at the sight of it.

Another time was in March 2001 when Tan and other officers beat Ms. Cao Jing, a practitioner from Yuanjiang County. Ms. Cao vomited blood, and three ribs were broken. After being taken to the labor camp clinic, she was injected with unknown drugs, and a doctor announced that she suffered from lung cancer. Ms. Cao died shortly after her family took her home.

Huang Ping, wife of Tan and manager of the labor camp's First Division, called Tan to her division in 2003. Seeing practitioner Ms. Li Yan calling “Falun Dafa is good,” Tan beat her viciously, and pushed her to the ground. Stepping on her head, Tan continued to beat her violently. He and Pan then picked up Ms. Li, and dumped her hard onto a metal bar on the floor. Ms. Li’s hip bone was broken instantly.

Personal information:Name: Tan Xiangqian (谭湘谦)Gender: MaleBirth date: October 14, 1963Current employment: Management and Education Division of Baimalong Drug Rehabilitation CenterAddress: on file in Minghui database

Name: Huang PingGender: FemaleDetails: Tan’s wife, a former manager of the First Division at Baimalong Women’s Labor Camp

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