(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who attended Master Li Hongzhi's fourth class in Guangzhou. Master has purified me and protected me by guiding me with benevolent compassion for over 20 years. Whether my life was uneventful or not, Master has always been by my side. How much Master has sacrificed can never been known to us practitioners. How can we ever repay Master for his salvation?

Musings of a Practitioner

After I had returned home from Guangzhou, some of the things Master mentioned during his teachings appeared in my dimensional field: Traditional ladies' skirts and beautiful peacocks' tails rotating, a carved porch leading out to a gate and a narrow road running through deep valleys and stretching into an endless distance, brightly-colored flowers and weeds surrounded by big and small rising bubbles, and Master smiling at me from outside the window.

On a bus, I perceived what was on my neighbors’ minds – this is considered to be telepathy. I felt it was “too noisy.” Then I heard the sound of “a door being locked” in my mind and all was quiet.

Dafa showed me a new realm, and my long-awaited yearning became a reality! Free from all suspicions, I could touch all this. Filled with excitement, I made up my mind: I, a person filled with karma, must live up to Master's compassionate salvation.

Passing Tests with Master's Hints

Master said,

“When one begins to practice cultivation in a righteous way, one must eliminate one’s karma. Eliminating karma means having karma wiped out and transformed. Of course, karma will resist, and so one will have tribulations and obstacles.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun, Version 2000)

One cannot practice cultivation without the protection of Master’s law body. The first year I was cultivating, as soon as I started to do the exercises, I would feel pain all over my body and very tired.

When doing the second exercise, the standing meditation to enhance energy, I couldn’t keep my arms up, and my limbs were shaking with fatigue. Once when I was “holding the wheel above the head,” I was so tired and out of breath that I couldn’t carry on. I shouted inside, “Please help me, Master!” That very moment, I could feel energy running through all of my fingers and my body became light. I could do the second exercise from that point on.

Once, when I was doing the fifth exercise, which is a sitting meditation, I felt dizzy and felt like blacking out. It was difficult to continue. Another practitioner wanted to take me home. Struggling to get up with my eyes closed, I said, “Let's go.”

With each step becoming heavier, I suddenly realized, “As a practitioner, I should have been taken care of by Master. Feeling uncomfortable is an illusion and a test I have to pass, a debt I have to pay back.” I said, almost to myself, “It seems that I should not go home.” The practitioner who was helping me said, “Yes, you are right.” I then sat down to finish the sitting meditation. All discomfort had disappeared.

I used to worry that I wouldn’t be able to cultivate because I couldn't do exercises two and five. However, I was able to overcome those test with Master’s hints and strengthening.

In cultivation, we must remove all attachments of ordinary people and not care about fame and fortune. I always thought that, in addition to letting go my qing for my family members, I had already relinquished my attachments to fame and money. To my astonishment, while doing the sitting meditation, I was delighted when a pile of Chinese currency appeared in front of me – I grabbed it. At that moment, I was shocked and broke out in a cold sweat.

After eating fish one time, I found a fish scale embedded in my left arm. I said, “It's a good thing I found it, otherwise a mole-like fish scale will grow there.” My husband commented, “From what you have said, will people who sell fish grow many, many fish scale moles?”

I realized that Master was giving me a hint that I should let go of my human notion! I thanked Master, because my husband had never had such wisdom and had never said anything with such a peaceful expression and compassionate tone. It was Master who used my husband's mouth to give me a hint.

Master Dissolves Tribulations

Several practitioners and I took a trip in the late summer of 2008 to distribute Dafa truth-clarifying materials and DVDs. The residences were all located on the roadside, so we planned to distribute the materials on our way back.

Just as we arrived and stopped the car, we heard a loud noise: a motorcycle had hit our car. In an instant, the fender of my car fell off, and my left shoe came off. I felt a sharp pain radiating from my left foot. A bystander stopped the person on the motorbike from leaving, but we let him go. I was then in such pain that I almost fainted.

The other practitioners told me afterward that I looked very pale at the time. The sound of their sending forth righteous thoughts for me was very far away. After I gradually came to, I looked at my left foot and ankle and saw no trace of injury – I was so relieved.

I was relieved, because when I left our home, I did not say goodbye to my family. If I'd been injured, they would want to know why and how and might even go back to “supervising” me. This would bring more troubles to my truth-clarifying efforts. After three days of walking with a slight limp, my left foot had recovered.

We distributed materials on our way back, and everything went smoothly until, finally, there was only one DVD left. When I threw it at a door, it suddenly turned and flew back. I was about to ask to stop the car when the DVD turned around and flew back to the door. At the same time, I heard Master's voice say, “Don't worry, I will help you.”

Master Protects Us

Master gave a few examples in Zhuan Falun to show that he protects steadfast and diligent practitioners.

A practitioner was not injured after being hit by a car, but a dent was left on the car.

When a practitioner was sandwiched between two cars, “At that very second, the cars stopped and nothing happened.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun);

A jeep drove in high speed towards a practitioner. “Just before they were to collide, a force suddenly pulled his bike back more than half a meter, and the jeep stopped at the wheel of his bike all at once.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun);

An iron pole that was two inches in diameter and four meters long fell vertically from a high-rise building all the way to a practitioner’s head, ”...and stuck into the ground without falling down.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

Master said,

“Not everyone will encounter these kinds of things, but some individuals will run into them. Whether you come across them or not, I can assure you that you will not be in any danger—I can guarantee this.” (Lecture Three, Zhuan Falun)

Looking Inside When Facing Sickness Karma

Last spring, I was suddenly in a state of panic. I experienced memory loss and had problems speaking properly. When I tried to encourage people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, I would say, “You must quit them” over and over, which made people laugh at me. I couldn’t even recall a single sentence from “On Dafa” from memory. It was even difficult to communicate with my fellow practitioners.

I was very worried and anxious that I might end up disabled. My family took me to a hospital against my will. I was diagnosed with a meninx tumor. I was hospitalized, operated on, and in the hospital for more than a month.

Since overcoming “supervision” by others and my family, I had established a good cultivation environment for over 10 years. My family members don’t believe in Dafa, because the persecution has really made them afraid. Thus, we are at odds over this.

My family started to denigrate Dafa among our friends and relatives. Once again, I was in the suffocating situation of the past and I was relocated. I lost contact with other practitioners.

This situation made me reflect on my cultivation state. I found attachments, such as using harsh words when trying to persuade people to quit the CCP and its youth organizations, looking down on some practitioners, feeling indifferent when other practitioners experienced hardships and tribulations, and not doing well the three things we are supposed to do.

I miss my fellow practitioners and the normal cultivation environment. But I have understood that every practitioner who has stepped forward is great. Looking inside myself, I've found that my heart has grown larger and my mind is at peace. These are the biggest gains I've made in breaking through the sickness karma tribulation.

My dear fellow practitioners, please awaken! It is only Dafa and Master that guide us in cultivation. Only when cultivators don’t conduct themselves well is trouble likely to happen. There are reasons why we should look inward. The most important issue at hand is that we do not completely believe in Master and Fa.