(Minghui.org) I would like to share how righteous thoughts lead to different outcomes.

Several practitioners I know have been beset with illness. While some of them were able to negate and eliminate it quickly, some had sickness karma for a long time and saw no improvement and even passed away.

In my township, three female practitioners developed the symptoms of breast cancer.

One of them is a veteran practitioner in her 50s. After her symptoms became obvious, her son damaged the door in his haste to to drag her to the hospital, where the doctor said that the cancer had spread and she could not be cured.

She quickly looked within and found two glaring shortcomings in her cultivation. First, she had been busy working for over a year and had let up in her cultivation. Second, she couldn't let go of her sentimentality for her mother.

This was a profound lesson.

Believing in Master and the Fa, she let go of her attachment to life and fear of death and negated her condition. She studied the teachings, did the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts every day, and rectified herself in time. She also let go of human attachments and took every opportunity to clarify the truth to save people. She recovered in about six months. It was really like changing fundamentally from the inside out.

In 2010, a woman in my township who did not practice Falun Gong was diagnosed with breast cancer. She saw no improvement after surgery and several rounds of chemotherapy. She became weaker and had difficulty walking and climbing the stairs.

Her brother and sister-in-law both practice Falun Gong, and they tried to persuade her to practice, too. But her human notions were very strong and she did not believe that practicing Falun Gong could cure her since the hospital couldn't.

She then went to stay at her sister-in-law's to seek other treatment. Her nephew started to cry and insisted on visiting his dad, who was working in the south. The three of them went and stayed for a few months. That was when she started to practice Dafa.

Although she had not completely recovered by the time she returned home, she did not slack off or treat herself as a patient. Instead, she studied the Fa attentively, did the exercises, and improved her xinxing. Even though she was a new practitioner, she told people the facts about Dafa and encouraged them to quit the Party. She has since completely recovered and can now do all her housework.

A veteran practitioner who did not cultivate solidly and was very fearful developed symptoms of breast cancer and went to the hospital. When she returned home after several rounds of chemotherapy, practitioners went to her house to interact with her based on the Fa and told her to negate the illness and the old forces' arrangement.

Initially she still studied the Fa and did the exercises, but she gradually slacked off and started listening to ordinary people's music. She treated herself as an ordinary person and couldn't let go of the “illness.” She did not validate the Fa and still took medicine. I recently heard that she has been admitted to the hospital again and was doing very poorly.

There is a difference between truly believing and truly cultivating versus half-halfheartedly believing and half-halfheartedly cultivating.

An elderly practitioner was preparing food in the kitchen when her head suddenly started to hurt. She felt everything spinning and couldn't steady herself. It appeared that she was having a stroke. With great difficulty, she leaned against the wall and inched her way back to her room. After sitting down on her bed, she sent out a thought: “This is the old forces' arrangement and it is false. I will not acknowledge it. I hand everything to Master and Master has the final say!”

Her sending forth righteous thoughts disintegrated the evil beings and factors in the other dimensions. She recovered that day.

Another elderly practitioner had symptoms of a stroke for nearly 10 years. She did not completely negate it and never completely recovered. She used a stick to walk and couldn't really move one of her hands. Then she couldn't do the exercises. Her problem was she didn't know how to cultivate and look within. In the face of that huge tribulation, her Main Consciousness and righteous thoughts weren't strong enough to negate all the symptoms, and her health deteriorated.

Another elderly practitioner was a doctor. When his cultivation state was good and his righteous thoughts were strong, he could clarify the truth and persuade many people to quit the communist party. Then he seemed to have symptoms of a stroke. He had difficulty walking and moving his limbs.

He knew that he had to negate this, so he insisted on going to the clinic to work. However, he could not let go of his sentimentality toward his wife, a practitioner who had passed away due to sickness karma. He would weep whenever he thought of her. He also had strong attachments to self and personal gain, and hadn't completely removed his attachment to lust. He gradually got worse until he could not go to work. He was eventually bedridden and later passed away.

When I was working in the city, I met an elderly female practitioner who was also a doctor. She did the three things well, but she suddenly had difficulty walking. She stayed at home and did not tell other practitioners about her situation. Because she was a doctor, she believed in modern medicine and was afraid that practitioners would not let her take medicine or go to the hospital, so she was afraid so contact them.

We heard later that she had cancer of the reproductive organs and was treated with chemotherapy. Within a few months, she passed away in the hospital.

An experience sharing article that inspired me was “ Righteous Thoughts from the Heart.” The author said that she was diagnosed with leukemia and did not have any platelets. When her husband forced her to take the medicine, she secretly hid the pills and did not take them. Although her condition was not good and her legs became very swollen, making walking difficult, she continued to do the three things required of practitioners.

At that time, she sent out a firm thought: “I can let go of life and death, I am a divine being.” (These words encouraged me so much I have never forgotten them.)

She completely recovered some time later, proving just how extraordinary Dafa is. This is exactly like,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughts Master has the power to turn back the tide” (“The Master-Disciple Bond,” Hong Yin Volume II)

These are all life and death tests, but whether one can pass them or not hinges on whether the cultivator uses righteous thoughts or human notions.

I hope that those practitioners who are going through sickness karma will be firm in their righteous thoughts and truly believe in Master and Dafa: Do not treat yourself as elderly or sick.

Master told us,

“Remove your human thoughts      and evil will naturally die out” (“Don’t Be Sad,” Hong Yin Volume II)

Let's change our thoughts, let go of human notions of life and death, always look within, and truly cultivate our hearts. That is the way to completely change ourselves and elevate.

Let us cherish the Fa-rectification opportunity. Every minute and second, let us be steadfast and diligent and cultivate with the heart we once had. Do not disappoint Master and the countless sentient beings!