Let Go of the Attachment to Life and the Fear of Death

Five or six purple spots suddenly appeared on my legs in the summer of 2007. When my sister learned about it, she insisted that I go to the hospital for a checkup. She told me, “Our aunt had this symptom, and later she was diagnosed with leukemia. She passed away within three months from when the symptoms appeared.” I felt that since I am a Dafa disciple, and Master protects me, I did not want any other arrangements. When the test results came back, my sister felt panicked. The doctor said, “She does not have any platelets. She could get leukemia at any time.” I remained very calm and remembered Master's words:

“If you can let go of life and death, you’re a God; if you can’t let go of life and death, you’re a human—this is the difference.” (“Teaching the Fa in New York City” from Lectures in the United States)

I said to myself, “What leukemia? I can let go of life and death, I am a god.”

My family was very scared, and took me to a large hospital to get medication. I did not want to go. My husband cried and said, “Please do this for me and our child.” I replied, “Have you ever heard of any case that this cancer is cured by doctors? Not only my disease won't be cured, but we will be bankrupted financially. I will act according to a practitioner's requirements. Nothing will happen to me. I will be saved and our family will be better too.” But he could not accept it. He personally gave me the medicine every day. There was no way I could get around it, so I accepted any pills he gave me, but I put the medicine in my pocket while he was not paying attention. I did not get any better.

I had a scary nightmare, and something told me, “This is cancer.” I said, “Do not even dream I would accept your arrangement. My Master will protect me.” After I woke up, I thought no matter when my life ends, as long as I am alive, I'll save sentient beings. So I distributed the Falun Dafa materials for clarifying the truth as usual.

At that time my legs were swollen twice their normal size and the purple spots became darker. I did not pay attention. I still climbed up flights of stairs to distribute the material. Whenever the thought that I could have leukemia popped up, I immediately got rid of it. The thought from my heart has never changed: I can let go of life and death, I am a divine being.

Eventually the leukemia symptoms completely disappeared. My husband looked at the test results and said, “You have to believe in science, now. Can your practice cure the disease?” I handed over the pills I accumulated from him, and said: “I did not take any pill you gave to me.” He was very surprised, and said, “So you really believe in Falun Gong? You are not afraid of death at all?” I said, “This proves that I can let go of life and death.”

Righteous Thoughts Carry Us Through

My whole family believes in Dafa now, and is very supportive of my practice. Once, five practitioners and I drove to a neighboring county to distribute truth-clarifying materials. A police vehicle was parked in the middle of the road to check each vehicle that passed by. We knew they were looking for practitioners.

The road was very narrow, and it was hard to pass by the police car. At this time two policemen were getting close to the doors from each side, waiting for us to stop and open the doors. The three practitioners in the back seat were nervous because our car was loaded with a lot truth-clarification material. I sat on the passenger seat in the front. There were two bags of Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party near my feet. I blurted out: “Send forth righteous thoughts. Drive on through!” A fellow practitioner behind said: “Roll up the windows.” Our driver drove close to the police vehicle.

Another police car began to chase us. We sent forth righteous thoughts: never allow the evil to persecute us, completely remove all evil interference which prevents us from saving sentient beings! There was a market with a lot of people in front us. Wherever our car went, people automatically separated to let us drive through. Then the crowd immediately filled up the gap. That police car could not get close to use even though they used their siren.

Fellow practitioners said later that my words at the time were very powerful, which made everyone calm down. I told them, “I felt that the words came from my heart, making them very powerful.”

Listening to My Heart's True Thoughts, Not Human Notions

I was arrested last year with several fellow practitioners. I was upright without any fear. The police took us to the detention center and asked me my name. I simply replied that I am a Dafa disciple.

In prison I did the exercises, recited the Fa, sent forth righteous thoughts, and sang songs written by Dafa practitioners. I clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to inmates when I had time. Prisoners asked me, “How come you are so comfortable here, as if this were your own home?” I said, “I act like this no matter where I am.” A prisoner said, “You will behave differently after you have stayed here for half a year.” I said, “How could they lock me up for half a year? I will get out of here in one month.” The prisoners laughed, “One month? Which Falun Gong (practitioners) can get out of here in less than half a year? Once you get here, without any sentence you are indefinitely detained here.” I told them, “This does not apply to me.”

There were two fellow practitioners in the prison cell. One advised me, “The policewoman in charge of our cell is nice. You can use her cell phone to call your family to get help.” I said, “I am a practitioner. How can a practitioner rely on ordinary people? They cannot lock me up here. I can certainly get out.” She said, “I thought this way in the beginning. I thought it would not be a big a deal, but I have been detained here for almost a year. Aren't I still here?” Another practitioner said to her, “Your words are not on the Fa. I think her thoughts are righteous.”

I was very clear and had the thought from my heart: “I came to the prison to validate Dafa. After this I must get out to validate Dafa. My life cannot be wasted here.” My mind was very empty. My righteous thoughts were very strong. I could enter tranquility right away when I did the sitting meditation. Over the years I have come to realize that the thoughts from my heart are very righteous. So I should not think about things using human notions. Once a human notion is added, a tribulation will come with it.

As a result, at the end of one month, I was in fact released from the detention center. The practitioner who advised me to get help from my family said to me with emotion, "I know what righteous thoughts are now." Dafa disciples really cannot rely on ordinary people. With righteous thoughts, everything can be rectified.