(Minghui.org) Following their arrest on April 22, 2014, four Falun Gong practitioners were held at the Sanhe City Detention Center before being transferred to the Langfang City Brainwashing Center less than two weeks later.

While in custody, the practitioners—three men and one woman—were subjected to various degrees of abuse. Some developed health problems as a result.

Mr. Ma Weishan was released on July 13 after suffering a severe hernia, while Mr. Kang Jingtai was freed on July 19 after he exhibited symptoms of high blood pressure.

The two other practitioners, however, remain incarcerated. Mr. Wang Zhanqing was recently taken back to the detention center, but the brainwashing center refused to disclose Ms. Lin Xiaohui's whereabouts.

Both Mr. Ma and Ms. Lin's lawyers filed complaints against the brainwashing center to the local Procuratorate for wrongful imprisonment. They also tried to bring a lawsuit against the Sanhe City Domestic Security Division for the illegal arrests, but the local court refused the case.

Lawsuit Against the Domestic Security Division

On the morning July 21, 2014, lawyers Mr. Wang Quanzhang and Mr. Wang Yu went to the Sanhe City Court on behalf of Mr. Ma and Ms. Lin, where they sought to file lawsuits against the Domestic Security Division of the Sanhe City Police Station.The presiding judge told them that Mr. Ma Weishan and Mr. Kang Jingtai had been released.

The lawyers said they still sought charges for those from the Domestic Security Division and the Sanhe City Police Bureau responsible for the practitioners' illegal detentions. The judge showed some degree of sympathy and said that the lawyers should have filed the lawsuits earlier.

Lawyer Wang Yu then asked why the court had not accepted the case, and the judge just smiled helplessly. The lawyers began to explain more about Falun Gong and why the highest ranking officials in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) were being arrested for their roles in the persecution. The conversation lasted over an hour.

Complaint Against the Brainwashing Center

On the afternoon of July 21, the lawyers went to the Procuratorate to file a complaint against the brainwashing center for wrongful imprisonment.

Before they went to the Procuratorate, they went to the Langfang Brainwashing Center to inquire about Ms. Lin Xiaohui's situation. The brainwashing center was located on the second floor of the Langfang Detention Center, but the lawyers were not allowed to enter because Li Hansong from the brainwashing center ordered a guard to stop them.

Further Details on the Persecution of the Four Practitioners

Mr. Ma Weishan, 74, was detained at the Sanhe Detention Center and the Langfang Brainwashing Center for over 80 days. He suffered a serious hernia as a result of abuse suffered while in detention.

On July 13, he was taken from the brainwashing center to the Sanhe City Police Bureau. Police detained him there late into the evening before allowing his family to pick him up. Over the next two days, Jia Zhixue, deputy commander of the Sanhe Domestic Security Division, and a police officer made a point to go to Mr. Ma's home and harass him and his family.

Mr. Kang Jingtai graduated from Hebei Medical University and was employed as a physician at the Sanhe City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was known as a caring father, husband, and doctor.

After he was arrested, his blood pressure soared to 220 mm Hg. He was very weak when he was taken to the detention center, and the officials refused to admit him because they thought his life might be in danger. However, a higher official from the Sanhe City Police Bureau signed some documents that forced the detention center to admit him. Later, Mr. Kang was taken to the brainwashing center.

Mr. Kang Jingtai became weaker and weaker. On July 19, the center released him so that they would not have to take responsibility for his poor health and possible death.

Ms. Lin Xiaohui, in her 50s, has been detained for over 80 days. Her legs became swollen, and she could only take a few steps at a time. On July 16, she was taken from the Langfang Brainwashing Center, and her current whereabouts are unknown.

Ms. Lin was originally forced to leave her home in Qiqihar to escape from persecution. Her real name is Wen Jie. Jia Zhixue from Domestic Security Division went to Qiqihar in late June to verify her real name.

Mr. Wang Zhanqing, 39, was transferred back to the Sanhe City Detention Center from the brainwashing center. He graduated from Langfang Normal College and worked as an art teacher.

Commander of Domestic Security Division: “I Was Almost Crying”

Since May 2014, Falun Gong practitioners from Sanhe City have disclosed the CCP officials' wrongful deeds and told local people about the persecution of Falun Gong.

They have also distributed pamphlets detailing the crimes committed by Shi Liandong, commander of Sanhe Domestic Security Division. When he saw his deeds published, he admitted that the was scared. “I was almost crying,” he said. “So many crimes were recorded to my account; however, I was also instructed by officials from higher levels, so I had no choice.”

List of Those Responsible for the Persecution:

Officials from the Langfang Brainwashing Center:Han Zhiguang, head of brainwashing center, director of Langfang City 610 Office: +86-13832626821 (cell);Zhao Lihua, deputy head of brainwashing center, deputy director of Langfang City 610 Office: +86-13832625199 (cell);Li Hansong, section chief of brainwashing center;Chen Bin, section chief of brainwashing center: +86-13832626689 (cell); +86-316-2031640 (home)Officials from the Sanhe City Police Bureau:
Fu Lijun, President of Sanhe City Police Bureau: +86-316-8335999 (home),手机+86-13931680999 (cell)
Vice CCP Secretary of the police bureau: +86-13603260114 (cell) , +86-15831606988Officials from the Domestic Security Division of the Sanhe City Police Bureau:
Shi Liandong, commander: +86-316-3115636 (home); +86-13832669588 (cell);
Jia Zhixue, deputy commander: +86-316-3226297 (office), +86-316-3212291 (home), +86-13931603291 (cell);Liu Yong, deputy commander: +86-316-3137261, +86-13832664748 (cell)Officials from the Sanhe City Detention Center:
Wang Chaohe, superintendent: +86-316-13833616158 (cell);
Yang Xizhong, vice superintendent: +86-316-3226872/3210196 (home), +86-13903164642 (cell)