(Minghui.org) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1996, more than 20 years ago, and have since become a better person of good character, and my health is good. I have steadily melted into the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Although I am 82 years old, I feel very energetic.

I mostly deal with practitioners in the countryside. I ride a motorcycle and travel a far distance every day, but I never feel tired.

One snowy day my granddaughter called from the city and asked me to pick her up. Despite misgivings by a family member, I decided to get her, and returned home without any problem. My wife chastised our son-in-law. She felt that since he was younger than my 82 years he should have picked her up. I told her I did not mind, especially since he did not treat me like an elderly person.

Indeed, my good health is a blessing because I cultivate in Dafa. I can be involved in Dafa projects and do everything a Dafa cultivator should do.

Dafa Must be Good, as an 80 Year Old Looks Like a 60 Year Old

I went to a senior home to visit a friend two years ago. On my way there, I met a middle-aged couple. I tried to get them to do quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He asked me if I practiced Falun Dafa, and my age.

“Falun Dafa,” I said, “is a mind-body cultivation system. You’ll get younger when you truly cultivate. That’s why I look so much younger.”

He responded, “I’m a Communist Party member. I’ll quit the Party!” He then asked the woman next to him to quit the Party, and she did.

The man mumbled, “An 80 year old looks like a 60 year old. Falun Dafa is surely good!”

Hoping for People to Quit the CCP

I visited my daughter in the city two years ago. I encountered a group of elderly people playing cards, so I parked my car and walked over to them. They asked where I was going, and I said that I was visiting my daughter. One of them asked my age and I told her that I was 80.

The elderly woman asked me to share the secret that kept me looking young, and in such good shape. “My secret is practicing Falun Dafa,” I said.

They wondered if the CCP did not object to my Dafa practice, instead of arresting me. Others suggested that Falun Dafa is against the Party.

Their remarks made me feel unhappy. I know that people are being deceived and can no longer tell what is good versus what is bad.

I told them, “The fact that the Party doesn’t let people practice Falun Dafa shows how evil it is.”

I continued, “The self-immolation at Tiananmen Square was staged by the minions of the Party leaders. A common CCP tactic is to use deception to incite hatred by the people against the people. The incident deceived countless people, and instilled a hatred of Falun Dafa among the public. Do you believe what the Party tells you? People should be able to tell right from wrong, and good from bad by using their own minds. You shouldn’t listen to the evil Party and follow it blindly.”

“When you stand by the Party's side, you bring harm to yourself. You’ve heard that good will be rewarded and those who are bad will be punished, right? This is a principle. Have you seen that politicians like Bo Xilai and Zhou Yongkang and so on have all been imprisoned? You have to make a choice between good and evil.”

They listened quietly. I tried to talk them into quitting the CCP, but one elderly said, “I accept money that the Party gives me. I can’t.” That was the end of our conversation.

I still met one of these elderly frequently, and I often heard him tell others that I practiced Dafa and was 80 years old. His tone was kind. I sensed that he envied me for my good health.

I later went to my daughter’s house with a practitioner who clarified the truth to an elderly person there. The practitioner said that the Party would collapse one day, and he would not be implicated if he quit. That person shared that I had already told him about this and he was ready to quit the CCP. We gave him the book entitled, The Ultimate Goal of Communism.

When we met again, I heard him say to his neighbors, “Falun Dafa is indeed very good.” He said to me, “The book you gave me is excellent.” His neighbors asked for a copy too. He said, “An 80 year old can still drive. You look so well! Falun Dafa is so extraordinary!”

Ordinary People Should Sense our Compassion

On the way to meet a fellow practitioner, a middle-age man waved at me. I stopped the car and he told me that he had a flat tire and needed to be towed. He offered to pay, but I offered to help without him having to pay.

I clarified the truth about Dafa and quitting the CCP and its youth organizations. He told me that he wore the Party's Young Pioneer's red neck scarf when he was in primary school, but had forgotten about it. I told him that he also swore to serve the Party for life. I explained that if he remained committed he would be implicated in the atrocities committed by the CCP, when it no longer was in power. He agreed to quit.

Then, his wife brought a car tire. I asked her to quit the Party, and she did after her husband told her, “Just quit. This man practices Falun Dafa, and is 82 years old. He is in such good shape! Isn't Falun Dafa wonderful?”

Before ending my article, I want to say that we practitioners should show our compassion and charisma so that ordinary people can sense that we are different from others.