(Minghui.org) My neighbor Langhua is in her 50s. She is very healthy now, but 18 years ago she was afflicted with giant cell arteritis, which is an inflammation of the blood vessels in and around the scalp. She had partial paralysis on one side of the body and was bedridden. She saw different doctors, but no one could restore her to good health. She was miserable and in despair.

However, a week after starting to practice Falun Dafa, she was able to get up out of bed and walk.

A Life of Misery

Because of the arteritis, Langhua could barely move or speak. To make matters worse, her left arm dislocated from her shoulder.

Because it was so difficult to get her out of bed to use the bathroom, her family drilled a hole in her bed and put a chamber pot underneath it.

Her 10-year old daughter Shanshan became her primary caretaker. After school, she did all the household chores and took care of Langhua.

Falun Dafa Offers Hope

Langhua came down with diarrhea that lasted almost two weeks, and Shanshan had to stay up all night to take care of her. When I saw Shanshan, she looked pale and drawn from lack of sleep. Hearing about her mother's situation, I visited Langhua.

Langhua's face was swollen. She waved at me, then closed her eyes as tears covered her face. I told her that, since doctors could not cure her, she should try an alternative. She replied that the only alternative she knew of was to wait for death.

I told her I knew something that had amazing healing powers and could help her—Falun Dafa. I encouraged her to learn it.

She asked how could she ever do the exercises because she was partially paralyzed and could not stand. I told her that Falun Dafa was extraordinary and that if she was sincere, the founder of Falun Dafa, Teacher Li Hongzhi, would help her.

I went back to see Langhua the next day. She was excited to see me and said that she wanted to cultivate in Falun Dafa and follow Teacher Li's teachings.

Studying Falun Dafa and Becoming a Good Person

She could not stand up or read the book. Her memory was poor, and she quickly forgot what she just read. However, she listened to Teacher's lecture recordings over and over again. She was convinced that, as long as she followed the Dafa principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, Teacher Li would help her.

Cultivation is not easy. But by studying the teachings, she understood that cultivating her mind was the key: if she did everything in accordance with the Fa standard, adjusted her mentality, and overcame her shortcomings, her body would change.

Every week, her elderly mother came to help out with the household chores and prepare meals. After working all day at Langhua's, her body ached and she was very tired.

But instead of being appreciative, Langhua often vented her unhappiness on her mother—throwing things around and yelling at her. Her mother understood that she was miserable, so she held back her tears and did not say anything.

After cultivating Falun Dafa, Langhua understood that it was wrong to be disrespectful of her mother. She regretted what she did in the past and sincerely apologized to her mother. She was determined to improve her character.

Benefiting from Dafa

Langhua changed. Falun Dafa brought her happiness and also improved life for her family. She listened to the teachings and practiced the exercises every day. She also could talk more easily.

One week after she began to practice, her disabled arm recovered and she could walk without using any support. She walked downstairs about two weeks later. Her neighbors' jaws dropped when they saw her walking by herself. She told everyone, “I have recovered because of Falun Dafa!”

Since she had not visited the doctors for several years, they thought that she had passed away. They were amazed to see how healthy she looked, listened to her clarify the truth about Dafa, and gained respect for this cultivation practice.

Langhua has been practicing Falun Dafa for 18 years. She reads Dafa books and does the exercises every day. She is in good health and does all the household chores.

Her daughter has earned a doctorate, and life at home is good. Langhua often tells people, “Falun Dafa is great! I have benefited so much from it: I have good health and a happy family.”