(Minghui.org) Several practitioners were discussing whether we should have a pet dog in a practitioner’s home where we study the Fa together. Those who opposed the idea thought that animals shouldn’t be allowed to listen to the Fa. The supporters thought that, since the practitioner’s daughter, who wasn’t a practitioner, wanted to raise a dog, we should conform to ordinary society.

Whom should a practitioner listen to? Who makes the call?

Several local practitioners have pets. One practitioner's dog got killed in a car accident and, instead of taking the hint, she bought another puppy. She gave it good food, clothes, shoes, and always talked about how smart it was. When other practitioners advised her not to have a pet dog in her home, her excuse was that her family wanted it.

When asked about taking in small animals, Master said:

“And there are reasons for not killing or bringing them up. As to “not killing,” cultivators are all clear on it. “Not bringing them up” has two points. One is that when [a person is] cultivating it’s easy for the animal to obtain numinous powers (ling). It’s possible they will do much wrong the instant they obtain numinous powers. In China there is an old saying: “becoming a spirit.” Animals are not allowed to cultivate. Another thing is that raising these things takes a lot of care. It will be distracting, and thinking about it is an attachment and will affect cultivation. Of course, for cultivators being fond of animals is also an attachment.” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Houston)

Being a Dafa practitioner, we must follow Master's teachings to be called His disciples, and only by doing so can we assimilate to the Fa. When the Chinese regime launched the persecution of Falun Gong, some practitioners’ families wouldn’t allow them to continue practicing. Should practitioners listen to non-practitioners? When it comes to cultivation, practitioners should make the call.